Here are a few customer feedback messages that are always asked by TDL FITNESS in order to assess ways of improving customer service and helping potential clients understand the reflection that past and present clients have of their sessions. All client testimonials have been agreed to be shared on this website by the respective clients


“I always felt like i was important throughout the entire session. Tony really personalises my training schedule to the nth degree! Great fun!”​
- William


“Learning ways of exercising and achieving my goals at home was just what I wanted and definitely what I got.”​
- Samantha


“Despite his awful jokes he was very approachable, not as intimidating as I thought Personal Trainers were like. ”​
- Katie


“Would totally recommend TDL FITNESS to my mates. Tony has been consistently attentive and clever in training different muscle groups and efficient training programmes which mean I don't have to go to the gym for 2 hours a day any more! ”​
- Jens