A Literary Period of Absence

May, it seems like a long time ago. Well, it is a long time ago. It's October. A whole season of the year has come and gone since an article was written. A lot has happened and it is worth bringing the loyal readership of TDL FITNESS up to date about what's been going on and what's going to happen next. Let's fill in the gaps! I've been looking forward to this.

A lot has happened in the intervening months. The main event, or events, is the publication of not one but two new books! As anyone who has written a book will tell you, writing one takes up a lot of one's free time and in essence everything I have done here myself has been because of the free time I have in my life. As such, I had to take an extended break to focus solely on writing books I had always wanted to write.

What are these books? Well, the first one is a great extension of what has been formulating on this website and two others I have created and written articles for. Fitness, the world and everything in between, has been covered in this book; 'Liberating Life' which has been a piece of work I have always wanted to write. Over 97,000 words that would otherwise have filled about 900 articles were put into the book that is now my own personal 'bible' so to speak. I now have both a personal reference point and I now have proof of what my life means and how I have come to those conclusions.

'Liberating Life' explains my take on what life should be based on the experiences I have come across, the people I have met and talked with and the information I have found. A 'world-view' it can be described as. I have been fortunate enough to have enough time to dedicate to forming a coherent narrative and explanation for the 12 rules for freedom; guidelines about how to live a free and liberated life. Perhaps I spend a large amount of time justifying the desire to live a free life and I believe I do so with the evidence of scholars and my own experience.

In the end, I ask people a question; especially when it comes to a debate or an argument or a problem that really needs fundamental solutions to. I ask people what they stand for. What is their reason for being here? What are they fighting for? What do they want to be? In the end, the perfect counter-question is 'yeah, so what's yours?' A valid question. Let me write an ENTIRE BOOK about it. Voila, there's one for you. Hopefully in doing so I have inspired others to do the same.

This leads me on to a little call for action that I like to put into most if not all of my articles. Everyone, in my mind, has a book within them. I don't mean in the literal sense though if you do have a penchant for eating books then I might know why you have a tummy ache. Everyone has a story or something that they can write down that has a genuinely good opportunity to contribute to the world in some way. How that novel takes shape is down to the individual but it is my contention that it is possible and everyone has that within them. Perhaps we need to take some time, perhaps years, to develop enough material to justify writing the book in the first place. Maybe it's time to think what yours might be.

Not content with just writing one book, I recently finished my second book; 'The Superhero Condition'. This book departed completely from the more personal feel of the first and the wide-ranging elements and focused more on a phenomena of this century; the rise of the Superhero genre. In 1985 superheroes were seen as old hat and due to go into the same bin as the old cartoons of the 1930s. Now they are everywhere to be seen and so popular it's hard to go a year without seeing at least three or four top grossing movies of that year belonging to the superhero genre. I use that phenomena to explain an entirely new human condition. Yes, that seems quite ambitious but I attempted it and achieved it in my mind. Being a 'superhero' in our universe is purely just being a new type of human. The only reason it is 'super' is because it is rare.

In this book I try to explain how being a superhero in our universe without the superpower works using typical elements of popular superhero movies in the last 15 to 20 years. Call it a manual, if you will, of how to be the hero. The villain, the power, the fight, the story arc, it's all there. There are elements that overlap between this book and my first one but that is inevitable as they are both essentially self-help books. You can't escape that especially when you want to deliver a constant message.

Ladies and gentlemen, the purpose of these books is to formulate a credible message and a credible desire to see something different in the world. Some would call my books a homage to 'Libertarianism' and I would not disagree. I would, perhaps, instead call it 'Liberationism'. I know this word doesn't exist and the red squiggle under the word reminds me of this but one day I would like to think that should such a word come to mean anything in the mainstream world that my books, written in the last 6 or so months, might form part of the bedrock of its ultimate meaning.

No longer are the articles I write here based on a wistful idea of a better world timidly clinging together from post to post. No longer are there tenuous themes rolling through my work. No longer is the message slightly incoherent. I have laid all of my cards on the table and now they are out for everyone to see. 12 guidelines sum it up, and two books are the ground where doth sprouts the new articles that will come out next. Maybe you can even predict what might come up next if you choose to read them yourself. They may be about physical fitness, they may be about mental fitness, but they will be coloured in the work that has been done in the 'quiet' months of 2019. It will be a most glorious change.

If ever you would like to read these books they are available digitally or as a hard copy on Amazon. Simply search for 'Liberating Life' or 'The Superhero Condition' and 'Tony de Lacey' as the author and you will have revealed to you just what I stand for and what might be coming next. I hope you will not be disappointed and have not been too annoyed at my absence. I can assure you, it was more than worth it.


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