Making Every-Day Exercising Work For You

Exercising every day is pure dedication. Making exercise a daily routine is placing fitness as important a factor in your life as your teeth cleanliness, eating and breathing. Physical and mental fitness are just as important as the other vitals in our life so exercising every day makes perfect sense. It's not easy to get involved with some sort of fitness every day so let's find out how you can make every-day exercising work for you.

First things first; you have time. Unless you wake up to go straight to work and come straight back home and straight to sleep you have time. Exercising does not have to take up a huge part of your day. Dedicate one measly little hour to exercise a day; and that can even include the transit to and from the gym if it's not excessive. You have time to exercise every day even if it means not actually going to a gym. Can you run to and from somewhere? Can you have some weights in your house? There are many ways of letting exercising come to you if you don't have time. If you are thinking of excuses as to how little time you think you have to exercise then you are not thinking of all of the possibilities.

Exercising every day requires motivation. Why should you work yourself strenuously every day? If you plan to exercise every day then you will have less of a reason to not exercise; your possible excuses will be slashed in half then and there! It doesn't have to be a painful form of exercising at all. All you need to do is to commit. To motivate yourself to do it you have to know what you're doing; your brain wants to know! That's fine. Get a plan and make sure it works for you. This is a tough bit but there's tips and tricks all over this website for a start so just go for it. Plan and you will be motivated to put that plan into action. The more you plan the more motivated you will be to exercise every day.

OK, so what's the plan? What are the cardinal rules of exercising every day? As one who has exercised every day for over 5 years I have learnt a thing or two;

1) Alternate your focus; Never work out the same muscle two days in a row. Don't exercise in the same method two days in a row e.g. heavy lifting or pure cardio. Alternate at least to make sure you aren't repeating yourself the next day. You need to at least give the muscle a rest from being worked out. A good way of planning is to choose two completely different muscle groups to work on in a day e.g. triceps and glutes.

2) Some days are going to be less intense than others; Exercising every day means you will be engaging in fitness during your daily highs and lows. That's fine. As long as you exercise during the lows then you will be motivated to exercise during the highs and visa versa. Not every fitness session is the same so don't worry if you felt like you didn't kill it after a gym session. Every day fitness is prey to every day events. Just tick the box even if you don't feel you did enough; at least you did something.

3) Find different mediums of exercising; It doesn't have to be just the gym. Every-day fitness includes running, some kind of sport, you name it. Don't get bored of exercise just because you choose to engage in it in a particular way. Alternate not only your focus but your means of exercising. That way you will keep things much more fresh!

4) Make a routine out of when you do it; You can engage in every-day fitness at any time of the day but try to stick to a certain time of the day as a typical time to go. If you aim to exercise or go to the gym at a certain time of the day you will not only be motivated to go you will start to plan other non-exercising things around it; you will be less likely to actually not go because of other commitments. Much like brushing your teeth in the morning and night exercising should have a standard time for you that works.

5) The aim is to learn to love exercising; exercising every day as a punishment simply won't work; you will stop exercising full stop if you think of fitness as a punishment. You have to learn to love exercising so much that you would feel your day is lacking without at least exercising in some form. This is how you truly desire to exercise every day; you couldn't bear a day without fitness. That's the true aim.

Some people will say that you need a rest day. I agree, which is why i suggest you give certain muscles a rest. Your heart doesn't need a rest day, necessarily. Your respiratory system doesn't need a rest day. We excert ourselves in some form every day so why not make that a fitness-realted excertion? As long as you are sensible and you plan well every-day fitness can be very healthy for you.

Some days you really, and i mean really, will not have the strength, the energy to exercise. You might be ill, probably. If you exercise every day then taking a day or two off to recover is fine and you won't be hamstrung by feeling better only to find out you feel better on a 'designated rest day'. Aim to exercise every day and as soon as you feel better you are right back on the horse.

Every-day fitness can work for you and it will work for you. It's the motivation you need to avoid slipping back into bad habits. Every-day fitness makes the most of your gym membership! Who knows, maybe every-day fitness will spill over into affecting your every-day diet? Why don't you find out?


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