Frequently Asked Questions 3

We are back with a third installment of 'Frequently Asked Questions'. These questions are more generalised versions of questions we get on the website and our various social media platforms about fitness, TDL Fitness, Tony and much more. We always answer any questions you send to us but these are for you all to enjoy!

1) Does fitness improve my mental intelligence?

Oh, a deep one straight off the bat. Simple answer is yes. Fitness and the fitness lifestyle is so helpful when understanding yourself in a deep mental and spiritual way. With fitness you find out what motivates you, what keeps you going and what makes you do something with little short term benefit but huge long term gain. It's amazing how cracking fitness means you can crack so many other things in your life. You simply apply that same mentality to every other part of your life. You find out so much more about you that you had no idea of. We are all more poweful than we think. We just need the evidence to prove it. The evidence for you in the most basic sense is fitness and seeing that physical improvement. With that hard evidence you can prove to yourself what you are really capable of. That is some amazing mental intelligence.

2) How's TDL Fitness going?

This is one question we love getting because we love people who are invested in how the crusade for mental fitness is going. We are in the process of coming up with neat tag-lines to help people understand more what we are setting out to achieve. We believe we are a massive step closer to that ultimate goal of changing the way we live our lives orientating towards self-fulfilled happiness and long lasting freedom by taking back control of our lives. How are we so sure? The 2018 Christmas/New Year Podcast episode special articulated what was found out after a lot of research, meditation and soul searching. Don't know what we mean? Download and listen now to find out! Establishing the perameters of what we know and how we can get from where we are now to that zenith of long-lasting happiness and personal freedom to live without fear, pain or anger is done. Now we need to know how to spread the message. That is what's next.

3) Do you seriously have no rest days?

One specifically sent to me, Tony! I love these messages as my answer is always met with amazement and 'you need to get a life'. Funnily enough i've got more of a life than most, thank you very much! I have no rest days, or rather i never plan for one. I'll only have rest days if something un-forseen occurs that prevents me from exercising. That way rest days and set-backs are kept to a minimum. Besides, to live the fitness lifestyle you need to have the mindset that fitness is as much a part of you as brushing your teeth, getting out of bed or having that Haagen Das Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream at 8:30pm because you're lonely and your tears make that treat taste better, it's all necessary on a daily basis. I will exercise every day. Stop giving me reasons why i shouldn't and just join me. Thanks luv!

4) Why aren't new TDL Fitness Podcast episodes more frequent?

I love making them but they require a lot of work, preparation and ideally inspirational stories i can share with people on it. We always appeal for those with fitness inspiration to come on and tell the listeners, but that can be quite a daunting prospect for some especially to talk for a good while about how brilliant they are. We are looking into what we can do, and any help would be lovely. Ideally we would do more but hey, I'm only mortal. That's why whilst we figure it out we are producing articles for you to peruse at your leisure. Theres over 130 of them!

5) What are your articles about mental fitness trying to achieve?

The ability for people to rely on nothing but themselves for happiness and freedom. A good friend of mine said people have two choices; look for happiness within themselves our externally for things they don't already have. I have dedicated a lot of my life and shall carry on until my last breath persuading everyone to choose to find that happiness within. In a nutshell that's what i am trying to achieve.

6) Have you ever come across people wearing your merchandise in public?

Yes and it's spooky when it does happen. I hope it happens more if only to create a greater awareness of what we are trying to do here at TDL Fitness and what a change we could help you make in your life. Fingers crossed!

7) Do you have someone special in your life?

I have two. Ben and Jerry. They always make my mouth water. The ice cream is delicious too.

8) Are you happy all the time?

Funnily enough not all the time. It's a bit like asking a clown if he is laughing all the time of if Batman feels safe all the time. Even the artist yearns for the most beautiful view. Unhappiness is less frequent, and seldom felt. But there are the dregs of yester-year that still have a place in the mind. 11 years with depression can't be shaken off in just a few months. Since October of last year the light is much greater but it has yet to shine more. This is why not only do i write these articles and broadcast the podcast episodes, i always read and listen to them. In essence i am also a client of my own work because whilst mostly i am happy and jolly like Santa Claus i too have those dark moments and in those moments i come here and this website helps me see the light i have momentarily lost track of. I hope in some small way that whilst your happiness grows and grows in those dark moments even as they get more and more seldom you might return here also so that you will find that light again.

9) What are the best exercises to improve strength?

Bench press (preferably with a barbell), squats (ditto) and dead lifts (well duh). These three exercises, though not attempted all on the same day, are the bedrock of improving strength. Derivation exercises of these three can keep the variety should you desire it.

10) What did you score on the TDL Fitness Fun/Efficiency Quiz?

I am someone who loves structure as long as it has a mildly flexible quality so i was more on the efficient side but only slightly. I take the test a few times to make sure that it is right and it always ends up that way. Haven't taken the test yourself? Go on. Try it out.

I hope these answers to some frequently answered questions have helped you understand more about what's going on over here. Stick around as we keep marching towards that ultimate goal of achieving happiness, control and freedom for everyone.


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