When Weight Machines Are A Good Idea

Weight machines; the static movers that litter a lot of space in a gym are not good friends of very frequent gym goers. When it comes to weight-lifting in almost every instance we go for the free-weight section and for good reason! Free-weight exercises are tougher, you work on other muscles at the same time and it is more natural. Weight machines are static, very limiting in terms of movement and their benefits; but there are times when these old bastions of the gym world can come in handy.

Weight machines are typically known to be a good way of breaking into fitness for beginners but this is a myth i want to eradicate immediately. It is not a good way for beginners to get into weight lifting. This might seem odd but it is true and is why i mention this right at the start; weight machine workouts must be classified as a different type of workout to free-weights in a similar way we know cardio to be different to resistance weight training. Weight machines improve one muscle at a time like particular chest muscles or hamstrings. They miss out all the stabilizers. This is why it feels very difficult to lift the same amount of weight for a similar exercise in the free-weight equivalent of the weight machine in question.

So let's establish when weight machines are a good idea. The first is for areas of the body which experience some sort of chronic pain when doing the free weight equivalent exercise. This is most obvious when it comes to such examples as legs. One of the most common chronic injuries is in the joints like the knees or the shoulders. If this is the case with you then weight machines might be a really handy way of building back strength as it is more focused, less demanding, safer and the movements are controlled limiting the risk of further aggravating injury.If you wasn't to get round something painful then strengthen things around it so that it takes less of the strain when it comes to free-weight exercises.

Weight machines are perfect for establishing form. They are a guiding hand for the plane of movement you need to work on. Working on a plane of movement means that you can really do whatever weight machine as long as it is the same plane of movement. There are of course 3 planes; side to side, back to front and the twisty one. If you want to work on them (which is a really good idea when it comes to mixing workouts up and body toning) weight machines are a good start, middle, but not really end. That's reserved for free weights.

Weight machines are a really good idea if you intend to use them all in one go.This can be done in a sort of circuit form as it is a really good way of introducing you to very mixed free-weight workouts that are pushed by TDL Fitness as much as possible. Free Weight circuit workouts are fantastic for keeping the heart rate up, making the body work different muscles one after the other in mildly quick succession and is the safer version of the effective free-weight equivalent. It's dynamic, it works and it feels really good.

Weight machines are good. They, like cardio and free weights should not be relied upon but they are more than a good start in the gym, they are a way of educating, improving, challenging you in safer ways than the big brother in the free weights department. Don't be afraid to mix it up and that includes the fixed weight section. Enjoy it!


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