The Science Of Sweat

One of the big indicators of how you are doing in the gym is how much you sweat. It's not the nicest aspect to talk about in the gym but knowing about a very simply bodily function can help to understand just what it tells us and what to look out for with the help of a very common bodily function.

Just so we are clear and we get the main myth out of the way there is a thought that sweat is fat going away or is an indicator that you are burning fat by how much you sweat. That's not true. Sweat is just water of the body. The amount you sweat does not directly link with fat burning.

Sweat is just essentially water (not that it is nice water at all! It can be a bitch on your skin). When your body produces sweat it is trying to coll your body down. That is its function. Your core body temperature is more than is tolerated in your complex bodily environment so it uses sweat to try to cool the body down. If it isn't there yet you jest sweat until you get it right.

So what does this mean when exercising? Are you just exercising to be warm? Well that is true but there is a bigger aspect going on here. One of the things we are developing when we go to the gym is a higher metabolism, that is, our body is getting more efficient in burning fat cells in our body to give us energy. The more muscle we have the more energy we need and so the body needs to make more energy. This process naturally increases our core body temperature as a by-product of a higher metabolism. A lot of energy being used so it can be burned (during exercise for example) has an effect on our bodies. As we know that energy and matter cannot be created or destroyed it simply moves from one state to another. This fact occurs during the process of our bodies burning fat to create energy so that can be burnt off as we exercise. Energy is expelled as heat from our bodies which is why we sweat a lot in the gym.

What this all means is that if your body is burning fat for energy to be used by the body at a greater and more efficient rate then your metabolism is high; the efficiency of your body in converting fat etc. into energy is high. This means you sweat more. The more you train your body the more you work on your metabolism and energy converters and thus the hotter your body and the more you sweat.

SO, the more you sweat the more you know your body's metabolism is improving when you exercise. Someone with a high core temperature during exercise is both burning energy at a high rate (good for weight loss) and is sweating a lot. So sweat is good.

With all of that we can therefore say that sweating in the gym is an indicator that you are exercising at a good rate. Unless you are training with an eye on maintaining your body's metabolic processes you should not aim to sweat that much. If you are trying to lose weight then aim to get sweaty and golden by the end of your workout. This is why people tend to lose more weight during the hot months; the body needs to use up energy cells in your body to keep you cool, so you burn more calories.

Wow, this has been a tough article. But hey, science yo!


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