Building A Fitness Portfolio

How is your fitness lifestyle going? What has happened? What do you have show yourself that you have achieved so much? For some of us we simply point to our social media profile with fitness pictures, for others its the old clothes we are too skinny for now. But for a lot of us fitness seems to start at the door of the gym and ends there also in terms of how we interact with the fitness lifestyle. We here at TDL Fitness think that this needs to change.

We are all individuals, with different indicators of achievements and different standards akin to our body type, our genetics and our motivation that is unique to ourselves. This means that documenting our fitness lifestyle cannot be one of comparisons and results of past contests important though they are. Knowing how far we have come and what we have achieved is so important to us. A recent TDL Fitness article suggested documenting our perceived intensity levels and that is a good start. But we are talking about building something much bigger.

We assess ourselves in many ways and determine our success based on these assessments but it seems a majority of us do this within our own minds. Whilst this is normal it is in no way to our advantage. Remember, our minds are where we house our memories and our thoughts but also our worries, our insecurities, our pains, our dislikes, our criticisms and so on. This is why TDL Fitness has come up with the Fitness Portfolio.

Firstly what is it; a fitness portfolio is a collection of achievements you have of yourself. This can be anything you like from progress pictures to documents on your changing weight or fat percentage. It can be notes of exercise routines you have had or certificates you have been given during your fitness career. It can also be notes from friends encouraging you. It can be a collection file of anything you like as long as it reminds you of how far you have come, how proud you should be and how amazing you are. It is a discipline that is selfish and is done purely on your own steam; much like exercise is! This is a practical way of documenting what you have gone through and what you are becoming.

Why do this? This portfolio separates your achievements in your fitness lifestyle from your mind. This is important so that when you look back on your achievements in the gym it is not coloured by your thought process at the time. If you are in a self-critical and low mood then thinking about past fitness achievements will seem very insignificant when in reality they are really important and really impressive to you. Separating those spheres of thought and accomplishment give you the ability to actually look at your achievements in as objective a mind-frame as you can get.

This might seem like a small thing to do but in practice it can go a long way to giving you the self-appreciation you deserve. Don't leave it to your mind to remind you what you have done; have something to show you your achievements. Once you have this portfolio you can share it with friends, inspire them to do the same but above all it is there to remind you of what you can achieve and that no matter how dark things get in your mind you always have something to remind you of just how amazing you are; the Fitness Portfolio can be that. And it doesn't have to be limited to fitness; it can morph into something bigger and better. A portfolio of all of your achievements can be a great thing in your life especially when in many years from now you can look back on what you have done without the mind skewing it in time. Your achievements lie safe within the archive of this portfolio.

To some a portfolio can be as simple as putting some pictures up on Instagram and that's fine. That's a great medium because if it inspires you and reminds you how amazing you are then it serves the same purpose. Find out what medium works best for you. Find out what information to include best sums you up, best inspires you and best reminds you of your achievements for many, many years. After all, you did it. Don't you think you deserve the credit?


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