If In Doubt; Integrate

So you have a set routine and it's working as you like it, but you feel you aren't doing enough and want to add something to your weekly workout schedule. But how? Your allotted time is set, that day you can't go to the gym can't change and you don't want to upset your routine too much to add this extra bit in. Whether you are missing something you want to add or want to make your existing routine more difficult and to step it up to avoid plateauing this is a problem that has a solution; integration.

How do you integrate? Well firstly assess what you want to add whether it's a greater focus on a particular muscle group like more ab workouts for example, or if you want to add a particular exercise you think will get you greater results and make you more tired. Once that is established you will want to know what your existing workout sessions look like for example you do a lot of 4 sets of 12 repetitions of 4 exercises as a weights session. Once that is established you then find out how to format your added workout and where to put it in your existing workout session. Then you just add it on. Sounds a bit complicated? Let's break it down with an example;

I want to integrate more ab routines into my workout on a bi-daily basis because i want to develop my ab muscles at a faster and more efficient rate.

I look at my existing routine. The format is I do 4 sets of 10 repetitions of 4 exercises with a rest of a minute in between.

I find out how to format my ab exercises i want to integrate. Looking at the above routine i know i should think of 2 ab exercises that are hard enough to do 10 repetitions of each one after the other in quick succession.

I find out where to put these two exercises in my existing routine. I add them at the end of the 4 exercises turning it into 6 exercises in a set before I rest.

Integration complete.

And that's how it's done. Easy! No need to think up a whole new exercise routine for a whole new exercise day. No need to go twice a day to make sure you are covering what you want to do. No curbing of ambitions because of time constraints. Integrate what you want and you will find you are developing tinkering skills. These skills are valuable and can be used to make sure your overall workout schedule never gets old.

If you want to integrate cardio into your workouts that requires a bit more time and perhaps might even require changing your current exercise routine. For example if you are doing a lot of treadmill exercises but want to work on your legs more then go on the exercise bike. That's tinkering but it requires a bit more planning. We will save this element for articles written in the past and in the future.

Tinkering keeps things fresh, efficient and fun. This is just one easy but seldom used method to develop the skills needed to always want to go to the gym; to keep it a challenge and to keep you wanting more.


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