Are You On The P.I.L.?

How often do you map the workouts that have gone before? Professional athletes and sportsmen and women always say in interviews that 'it's all about the next game/race/competition'. But how often do we write down how the last workout/session/game went? Having a fitness diary isn't just about mapping what comes next but what has already happened and that is just as important. So why not keep track of how your workouts went? This is where we at TDL Fitness introduce the P.I.L.

So what is the P.I.L.? I had a thought you would ask that. Some website articles won't tell you what they are on about until the end of the article. But not us! We bear it all for you to see. We wave it around in front of you in the first minutes you have spent with us. We put it there on the table and leave you to decide what you want to do with it....what were we talking about again? Oh yeah...

TDL Fitness' creation; The P.I.L. is the acronym for; 'Perceived Intensity Level'. Catchy huh? What does it mean? Once again i can read your mind and i know the questions you ask. Spooky.

'Perceived Intensity Level' is the level either through a percentage or mark out of 10 (whatever your naughty little preference is) of the workout session you had in the sense of how tough it was for you. Basically if a workout was really tough, you felt the burn and left the gym shattered, dripping with golden sweat and gasping for water then your 'perceived intensity level' is going to be quite great; perhaps a 90% or a 9/10. If you had an off-day for whatever reason (it happens to all of us) and you felt like you hadn't given it your all then scratch that one at a 30% or 3/10. Using a diary or my personal favorite; the big white board mounted on the wall in my room, you document these percentages every week to give yourself the big score at the end of the week.

Why is this important? I'm still inside your brain at this point reader. It's important to remember how the gym or exercise session went in order to explain why some days might be tough and others not so. If you had a particularly chilled workout then the next day you went beast mode you might not know why. You had reserves of energy stored up! Similarly if you had a bad workout session and you wander angrily why well just look at your diary on the P.I.L.! It's ok because you exerted yourself a lot yesterday!

The P.I.L. maps out where you have been and indeed your fitness journey. It is also a great indicator if your workout is beginning to go a little stale. If you are doing the same routine and find your average P.I.L. is going down in that particular day of the week for the last few weeks you can nip it in the bud and change your routine before the stale workout hits your motivation. This is a really useful tool in keeping ahead of the mental game and keeping you in control of your body and mind.

Mapping out what went before as we have discussed can help you plan in the future. The P.I.L. is a great discipline to have as it can have an adverse affect on how you plan days in general, especially if you find you are going to have a busy day so perhaps a low P.I.L. would help you have enough energy to do what you have planned on that day for example. There are so many benefits to it that my head might just explode as i'm sure yours has already.

Start documenting what you have done. Not only is it good for planning ahead it gives you a greater sense of perspective about your achievements especially in the gym. When we exercise in a particular day we get little in return aside from instagram likes if we are partial to a gym selfie. Writing down our P.I.L. is like a little reward from us to ourselves every day. It might sound small but just a bit every day can have a big impact on our lives in general. TDL Fitness advocates anything that can make us smile every day. We believe with a hand on our hearts that the P.I.L. strategy will do that for you if you choose to discipline yourself to do it.

OK, I'm going to leave your brain now. You are released from my captivity. Now get out there and change your life. Oh and while you're at it, help others change theirs. Cheers.


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