You are unbroken. You refuse to stop. You have decided not to take the easy way in life. You have never given up on exercise. You never stop being the best physical and mental version of yourself. You never stop wanting to live to your maximum potential. You never let things get you down. You are undefeated.

Are the undefeated limited to those who exercise every day? Are the undefeated limited to those who look good or can lift a lot? Not at all. So who gets to be undefeated?

Plain and simple you are undefeated if you have decided to exercise, to aim to reach your full physical and mental potential and you have not given up totally then you are undefeated. If you exercised once and yet to start again and the passion is still there to go on then you are undefeated. If you exercise but have plateaued and feel you are not getting anywhere but you still exercise you are undefeated.

Why is it important to understand that you are undefeated? As long as you go on and you choose to keep going or to go again then you have believed and still believe in your choice to exercise. You still believe that you made the right choice to try to exercise and to get fit and be the best you can be. Refusing to quit is an incredible power and we take that for granted because a lot of us simply don't believe we are capable of that power. We think that not quitting is in some way stubborn, foolish, idiotic or the definition of insanity. You are undefeated and you are in the minority.

Yes, as much as it pains me to mention if you are undefeated then you are one of the 8-16% of the western world at the time. Few of us are unbroken, undeterred, undefeated because so many of us don't believe in our choices. That's why so many people are scared of heights. They aren't scared of falling, they are scared that nothing is stopping them from jumping but themselves. They are scared because they fear they will make the wrong choice. They fear that they are too powerful.

You are not afraid. You are still going. You believe in yourself and in your choice. You can look over that cliff with no fear because you believe in yourself enough to make the right choice not to jump. You made the right choice to exercise, to put yourself first, to be happy and so you don't fear yourself. You believe in yourself. You are undefeated.

If you feel that I am describing you and you feel defeated then know that you can continue the game again. You can begin again and become undefeated. This is not limited to those who have never given up before. The game doesn't end until our last breath. The game of life goes on for the entire time you are lucky enough to be on this great earth. Become undefeated.

If you want to discover how to become undefeated then simply read articles on this website, listen to our podcast episodes. There is enough information on this one site for you to become undefeated. You will be a part of the minority and maybe one day more than half of us all will become undefeated because in that state you are truly living the fitness lifestyle and you are truly living happy and free.

If you feel you want to become undefeated then start now and never give up. You are undefeated.


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