Slow Down Season; Rewards Award Dedication

Exercise is something we do without a short term benefit. If anything after exercise we are sore, out of breath, tired and in some cases in a bit of discomfort. There is no trophy at the end of exercise in the gym. You get nothing from training. So we make our own rewards and in doing so we reward our dedication to exercise every time.

A reward is vital if we are to keep on doing what we are doing. The great thing about these kinds of rewards is that it is totally personal to us. One person's fitness reward differs from another in what it is, what it represents and what we get out of it. Here are some examples of post-exercise rewards:

1. Spa time!

2. Chocolate (the dark kind of course)

3. A nap

4. A gold sticker on a white board

5. 1 alcoholic drink

6. Half an hour of gaming

7. Dessert after dinner

8. Ten minutes of quiet meditation

9. No evening exercise

10. A walk in the park

11. An accumulative reward e.g. money towards a holiday

The differences in rewards are great and it depends on what you can allow yourself as a reward completely dependent on exercising enough or adequately enough. It is very important that it is there and it exists for you. Why? Because the act of exercising is forcing the mind to allow the body to do something that puts a strain on it with no short term gain. The mind therefore needs something as a reward to allowing the body to go through such trials and tribulations.

This is essential for the mind to allow it all to happen again. Over time with no reward the mind will eventually take over and make you feel like you don't want to exercise and one day missed turns into two, turns into a week, turns into never again. Therefore the act of a reward no matter how trivial or tiny is essential to reward the mind and to in effect control it too! The mind needs to be happy in order to be put under control.

A reward should be one that aids the mind as well as rewards it. That's why meditation as a reward is a double-edged happy sword. It's a reward and benefits the mind greatly. This can also be bad food because like it or not the mind loves bad food as it has energy in order for the brain to work at maximum capacity; no amount of protein and celery will let the brain work as well as it could. Einstein didn't watch what he ate so why should you?

Rewarding dedication is good enough for it to happen again and again and again. Doing this will improve the ability to be dedicated to other pursuits in life. Yes that's right doing things that help your fitness dedication can aid you to be more dedicated in other fields. Rewarding is a transferable skill. Yes it is a skill also. Adequate reward is something that is forged over time. Don't worry if you don't get it first time.

Be proud of what you are dedicated of. Fitness is something that you should be proud of but pride isn't good enough when rewarding behaviour. We are humans and therefore we are animals in some right. As dogs do tricks to get them rewards we do the same, but we are lucky in that we are able to give these rewards to ourselves. All we need to do is be disciplined to keep it a reward and not an indulgence. This is a powerful behaviour that can be replicated and its power is something that isn't always obvious but you will see what it can do.


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