The Downsides Of Being A Gym Bunny

Nobody said it was easy and there are some downsides to going to the gym every day or every other day. Whether we like it or not exercise can take its toll on our bodies. We are not made of steel. So this article is going to explain some of the downsides you are going to expect from getting involved in the fitness lifestyle. Don't worry though, the positives outweigh the negatives.

Perhaps the greatest downside is the fact that going to the gym every day or most days over a long period of time takes its physical toll on the body. If you exercise in order to do better than you did last week or last month you will never really be at 100% physical health. There will be little niggles that crop up from time to time from natural wear and tear. Our physical limitations are highlighted when we exercise hard over a period of time whether that takes the form of our limited respiratory system, our physical make-up might cause pain in joints or our natural physical limitations making us plateau to the point that we can go no further without more non-natural aids. We will have to come to terms with the fact that we will have the odd dull pain we will carry with us. Don't worry, these things happen. It's called life.

A more fun downside to soften the blow of the previous paragraph is that exercise means that certain clothes won't fit any more. Whether you are exercising to lose weight or to gain muscle or both clothes will no longer fit because your body will change and unless you love flow-y overalls then these things happen and they will happen if you are succeeding in your fitness lifestyle. Any ideas to get over this? Go elastic until you are close to your goal. Trust me, it saves money.

Another downside to exercise is that you will start picking up selfish tendencies - and that's a good thing! If you read the work of philosopher and grandmother of the Objectivist movement Ayn Rand she argues that selfishness is a virtue because if you live in a world where reality is what we see around us then there's no higher virtue than putting the self first because we are all rational actors and as such are looking to improve the self. In order to fully embrace the fitness lifestyle you will want to always put yourself first or you won't fully reach your physical potential. If anything gets in the way then you aren't getting to your potential. So the downside could actually be an upside but to those who are yet to get into the fitness lifestyle this is your warning and a promise.

A more obvious downside of exercise is that the fitness lifestyle requires time to exercise. The lifestyle is time consuming - of course it is! The gym or exercise doesn't take too long, it shouldn't be more than an hour a day but it is a time that is required. Linking in with the paragraph on selfishness time to exercise needs the desire to be selfish - at least for more than an hour a day. Time is necessary and it is a chunk out of the day every day if you are a dedicated gym goer. Then again is that really a downside?

The downsides of exercise are there and it would be foolish to not acknowledge them. There is however a solution to everything not to get rid of the downsides but to make their effects easier to bare and for them to affect you less. It's possible. Want to find out how? Read on, ask us or find out for yourself.


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