Slow Down Season; Taking Stock

TDL Fitness articles presents 'Slow Down Season'. These are a series of articles designed to help you mentally find yourself among the fitness lifestyle we try to get you in. We always advise you are constantly aware of yourself in terms of your happiness, your sadness, your needs and wants but sometimes we lose sight of the show when ripping around the water in the sea. This one is about taking stock of what has occurred in our lives.

Firstly let's go through why we take stock of what happens. Seeing where we have come from is essential to not only find out where to go but to understand what it is we are. We are complex human beings and we don't understand ourselves sometimes. We don't understand why we get so sad when things happen and how happy we get when things go well. We never really ask ourselves what happens when we react to things that happen to us. We can understand this if we look back. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Taking stock is a great way of understanding what we want.

How do we do all of this? Well firstly a diary is fantastic; but not a diary in the way we know it. A diary the way we understand it normally is putting details of plans we have, events that need to be remembered. What happened to the diaries that we started doing when we were young that were about our reactions to events? This can be attributed to american school kids who are just so temperamental they find writing is the only way to get their angst out. Why did we stop? I don't know. We should never have stopped because we don't remember our reactions to events good and bad easily so how are we expected to take stock of what happens in order to improve ourselves?

Taking stock means just that. Make a diary and fill it with responses and reflections of your good self in order to improve ourselves. This way we can understand ourselves and know what we might be overlooking without the resource talked about. The mysteries of what makes us happy will be mysteries no longer if we simply reminded ourselves what happens when things go well or badly.

Taking stock is also vital if we are to understand and form our own set of values. These values are molded by our experiences and shaped by our priorities in life. We need values that are true to us and just us and not something we copied and pasted from our favourite celebrities or politicians. With values we know and are aware of we are given clues that might helps u know what to look for in the future and what to expect from us when things are going to happen later.

What we have to fear is the unknown. In life let us know exactly what we are going to think next rather than what is going to happen to us. We cannot control the things that happen to us, only our responses. That is the joy of taking stock.

In our fitness lifestyle we change our values, we change our ability to react to things both good and bad and that is something to document and to remember. Taking stock is therefore vital to map out the change so we can be the best we can be not only in the now but in the tomorrow.


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