A Strong Method To Work Round A Weak Muscle

There are occasions where there is a muscle group or a specific muscle on a part of the body that is in rehab after being sprained or is just weaker because of under-use. Whatever the reason there might be a muscle that is hard to train because of pain or just innate weakness. There is a method to get round this and indeed to help train it in a way that significantly decreases the potential for relapse or hurting the muscle again. Read on!

What is the muscle in question? Let's say a shoulder is particularly weak. How do we get round it without hurting it further? Here's how I would do it; train the muscles around the area. Let's take our example; with a weak shoulder let's train our arm muscles, our obliques and chest muscles. We train them, harder and harder without doing an exercise that focuses on shoulder specifically.

Once we do that then we regress and focus on the shoulder muscle but at a really light set as little as possible. With the more developed muscles around it the weak muscle has stabilizer muscles to keep it in check and if there's too much of a strain on the muscle then the other muscles around it that we trained will take the strain. This is the body's natural ability to make an exercise easier for us.

This way we are being very careful and increasing our natural ability to lift without focusing on the weak muscle itself. The shoulder muscle or whatever muscle you are working on will eventually catch up.

This method isn't without its shortcomings, the main one being that the weak muscle will develop more slowly than its neighboring brothers. This also isn't a certainty to cause some pain again but it is up to you to be very in-tune with your body to know the dos' and don'ts. This isn't a silver bullet and always consult your doctor/physio before embarking on any methods to get back into the swing of things.

Pretty short article but if you have any other methods that might help email in and let us know!


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