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The 101st article will mirror the very first article; the long term vision. In all honesty we had hardly expected to go down the route of mental fitness when we started. Jack of all trades master of none is what we envisaged. 100 articles down and we have found the pitch, the tone, the direction to go in. They say the first 100 paintings of an artist are rubbish but the 101st one is the first of the best. We wonder if this is the case but are happy to give it a shot. Thus we explain how it came to this and what we shall do going forward.

The reason for the shift in emphasis from a broad range of fitness to the mental side is because as the years went by from 2014 to now we realized something very fundamental that was evident in the clients that came to us, the replies to articles and podcast episodes. We realized that people were not missing information exclusively; they were missing a direction to go. The stories were different but the message was the same; 'where do i go from here'. This statement was meant literally and figuratively. Where do we go from here? Every day we could ask this question and our answer would be vague should the responsibility fall on us to answer it. Thus we flock to something or someone else to pass that responsibility. Some very kindly chose us as that something else. So we responded.

We responded with similar messages; we can't do it for you but we can offer hope, a way by which you the questioners have the means to get yourselves out of any bad situation with a grip on thine own self mentally through the catalyst of the physical. Simply we stated that there is a mental solution and through the physical exertion of exercise you can get to that same state that is shared by people around the world who are truly happy.

This world we live in is a constant battle of hypocrisy. You can be anything you want to be but happy it seems. You can want this or that and get this or that but what about your own happiness? Are we really free to be happy? The world says no because it gives false hope that happiness is achieved. Why does life say this? Because that is more simple than the real alternative.

True happiness is derived from nothing other than your own self. How often is that the solution we give to our clients? Why? When you keep asking people why they want what they want the root cause is always a desire to achieve happiness. What people seem to do is get the process mixed up. When we think 'if we do this we will eventually be happy'; this is an incorrect assumption on the quest for actual happiness in life. What the statement should be is 'i am happy and doing this will remind me of my ability to be happy'. Happiness should derive from ourselves and not from our actions or our goals because that is the sort of happiness that sticks with you for life. It is the harder option but it is the true option if you want to be happy.

Thus TDL Fitness was not content with fobbing people off with exercise routines and patting people on the proverbial behind and saying 'off you go'. We wanted to actually achieve what is expected of us; to help you achieve that true happiness with the medium of fitness as a catalyst for that process to occur. Yes, we are saying that fitness should be a tool for your own self-improvement and self-realization and not a 'thing to do in the evenings with the girls'. When we get clients we make sure they leave with the answers they wanted and a personal plan not only to get healthy and live a fitness lifestyle but with the necessary tried and tested tools to make them happy every single day.

Is this a niche thing? Does this sound a bit too new age for you? Funnily enough this fundamental process is the same used by Buddhist monks from long ago. It's nothing new, just updated with a fitness twist and repackaged to look pretty damn awesome.

We hope that your experience with us at TDL Fitness whether you are a client, an avid reader of our literature or a keen listener of our podcast shows is an experience that you can draw on whenever you feel low and giving you the power to say 'i don't have to think bad thoughts ever again'. We hope your experience with us enriches your lives and in doing so helps others do the same. Point others in our direction and we will do our level best to bring true happiness with fitness as our compass to as many people as are willing to listen and to learn.


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