TDL Fitness 100; It's All In The Mind

Article number 100 has to start with a quote from my sports teacher when i was 14; 'The only thing stopping you is your will to stop'. The minute I heard those words from Australian John Cummings I was set on a path to find out just what that sentence actually meant. The mind is the spark that sets the body off and I went on a journey to find out more. My journey has seen me through a few ups, many downs and back. The answer isn't to look outwards but to look inwards. The answer to the question 'what's in the mind?' was this;

The mind when mapped out is simple but when thought of is complicated at best. The mind is like that squiggle of eye fluid we sometimes get. We know it's there if we don't look at it but the moment we confront it it scurries away. The mind is just like that squiggle in our eye fluid.

Our minds are like sponges and as life goes on we slowly plug the porous gaps until our minds become hardened shells similar to a medieval knight where every inch is covered in metal casing. What we live with after that is trapped within the metal and it drives us forward or in some cases backwards. We aren't to blame for this process. This is a fact of life and human imperfection is just that. We aren't driven solely by logic and reason but also by emotion and feeling. We give way to sentiment and imagination because we are not robots. Everyone from all corners of the earth is the same from the year dot to now and forever on if we are still around.

Throughout our lives we are in a constant battle to control that very mind. We stare at it intensely but it scurries away amid the process I referred to earlier. The more we battle with our minds the more we are able to understand it; but that comes with a price and that price is blissful ignorance. Many go through life without the constant knowledge of their mind's work and its affect on us. We take our minds for granted when things go well or badly. It is however very easy to know when we decide to lift the veil. The point at which we may be ready to challenge and set on a process of controlling our minds is when we simply ask ourselves why.

Why are we who we are? What got us here? Where do we go from here? As soon as you ask that 'why' question others come cascading down to us and we almost turn towards our minds and ask almost accusingly because we have only just realized that everything that happened before had a reason, a purpose and we never questioned it because that is what our minds wanted us to do. We had no control because that is the human condition.

This is where soul searching and asking questions comes into play. We have to look at ourselves and almost stop the slide we are on because the further down we go the harder it is to get back up. This is easy to see by how old we are when we get to this realization or epiphany that we ask why to ourselves.

What is the point of questioning ourselves and our minds? Because dear reader it is only through this process that we can eventually lift the veil we previously lived constantly under and through this process we can control our minds. Yes it is possible to reverse the process and climb back to the top because many before have done it and many after will achieve in the days and years to come. We can control our own minds and in doing so become the masters of our own destiny manifested in what we truly want, not what our mind has absorbed and started putting metal casing over. We must reverse the process of hardening our sponges and instead control what is absorbed and what isn't.

When we come to this realization we are horrified by what we have unconsciously absorbed has affected us! Our parents, the media, friends, social convention, politics, religion have all had an affect on our minds and therefore us as the individual. We have been affected by the harsh realities of life and it has made people into things that are not true to who they really are and what they wanted as children or before life started to have an affect on our minds.

Now you may say that this is the mind's attempt to make us adapt to the harsh realities of life. I throw it back to you by saying that life shouldn't affect us because it doesn't have to. It may be present but it doesn't have to change what we think of ourselves and it doesn't have to affect what we do. We can control the mind by questioning the affects life has on us. When we do the answer is always the same; I don't have to think this way.

Now this is the best bit of the process towards controlling our own minds. We are free! We are actually so free to think what we want and act the way we want because the control we artificially placed on ourselves is simply the mind's adaptation to the external. We can think anything and we can believe in anything. What is truth is empirical and can be seen and touched and felt. What is not truth is everything else and it us up to us what to do with everything else, not what our mind thinks we should do. We are free to think anything and from that there is only one thing to think about; 'what do i want with this control over my mind?' The answer you will say and i can guarantee is this; happiness.

We simply want to be happy. Thus with the process we have just gone through, questioning everything we come to the realization that we need nothing from life to be happy. We have all we want right here. Life is a construct of the human condition and when we break from that we realize that with control over our minds we can be happy with reliance on nothing else. Questioning our minds leads us to controlling our minds and from that we can be happy simply by saying to our minds that the world with its reliance on material gain or social gain is all a construct and we are slaves to it no longer. We are free to define happiness and when we control our minds we can define happiness as it is right now. Why over-complicate things?

Control the mind and you control your world. Control the mind and you can be happy in every given moment because your definition is constant. The mind when out of control is twisting and turning, contradicting itself over and over and with no control we accept that state because it controls us. Turning the tables on our mind is the most powerful thing we can do.

Empowering people to start that process is what I and the whole of TDL Fitness is dedicated to doing. We believe the catalyst for people to start this process is fitness. Fitness is the best activity available to everyone no matter who you are or what state you are in. Fitness is an individual display of control over our minds which want us to stop and relax but our conviction tells us to keep going. This is a display of control which we do consciously or unconsciously. This process, this catalyst worked for me and it will work for you too if you are willing to ask yourself why in the literal and general sense:

Why is my mind telling me to stop when i can physically keep going?

Why is my mind not allowing me to go on?

Why is my mind limiting my true potential?

Why is my mind not on my side?

Why is my mind telling me this?

Why can i not control my mind?

How do i start?

Ladies and Gentleman and those who do not identify with those two genders, you are invited to go on your own journey, question your own minds and you are invited to control your own minds and to come out the other side with what you always wanted but your mind tried to complicate; happiness.

I invite you to be free of your self-doubts, your self-loathing and dependence on what life gives you and to be happy no matter what with control over your mind, happiness in your soul and a life finally worth living.


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