Your One Fitness Gimmick

When it comes to any kind of fitness you have to have a niche, a gimmick or something that stands out from other people. This because we need something to hold up as an achievement whatever it's value in fitness and everything else in life. We hold up the person we love as an achievement in its own right. We hold up our money or the people we help in work to make us feel special. I argue we hold up something in our fitness too to make us feel empowered.

As always it comes down to mentality. We get through things we mildly enjoy because it all goes towards something we hold up that is what keeps us going. It's like manual labour to create a mountain all for the beautiful mountain top where the view is amazing and we can say we did that. Short term hardship for a long term gain but in the theme of pure individuality is hard to explain and to actually do so this is the TDL Fitness method.

So what does all of this mean? In life we need to feel we are working towards something but we seem to think that we are working towards a finish line. Time makes us think that but the individual in all of us is screaming for us to get to somewhere where we can finally 'enjoy the view'. Like someone who creates their own business its not when the business gets to a certain net worth that an entrepreneur is working towards its the moment when the business becomes well-oiled and is doing what it set out to do in the first place. Taking that mentality to keep going and to promote lifestyle-orientated goals to the fitness world is tricky but it at least maps out how to do it.

In fitness we want to be good at something whether it is running faster or longer, lifting heavier or more under longer stress, looking better or whatever you choose. Whilst we must not fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to other people there are ways we can get round that trap and create the 'mountain peak' that will motivate us to keep going. All we need to do is find our fitness niche.

The best way to articulate this is by example. For instance I decided over a year ago to try uphill running and specifically tailored my uphill running on a treadmill to be tough, a weekly challenge and with specific goals. I decided I wanted to run up a mountain every week, a mountain is generally a hill that's over 2000ft. With this information i structured 3 to 4 days in which i would accomplish this task. Since then i run up the equivalent of a 3-4000ft mountain in 3/4 uphill cardio sessions a week. Each session takes around 20 minutes. I feel shattered after each session but with a crucial sense of achievement.

This example isn't me saying 'oh look at me I can do what loads of people can't' because that could be factually inaccurate and would be a pure comparison with other people. What this says is 'i achieved something which i think is significant, it's difficult but with training I have accomplished it and i will go to the gym to both improve my overall fitness to do that better and to keep doing exactly that session routine to make sure i am improving. There you have a motivation to exercise via a niche fitness routine. I have held up something i find specifically impressive to myself and in order to keep that there and to keep that self-satisfaction feeling i am motivated to exercise.

This selfish but happy feeling is one that we always long to replicate. The question is what form that takes for you. If you can find your fitness niche to be proud of and want to hold it up then you will be motivated to exercise. You will be motivated to go further, push harder, run faster because you want to hold it up higher and replicate that feeling over and over again. That's motivation in a practical nutshell.

Find your fitness niche, make it significant to you without external influences or pressure and work towards keeping it significant. making you feel proud and to improve on it daily, weekly, yearly.


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