My Anguish Sustains Me

There has been a debate on what is the best mental state to be in when working out. Is it better to exercise in a good mood or do we get more from our workouts if we are in a bad mood? Are we more motivated to exercise when happy or not so? Should the gym be a method of keeping our spirits up or making us happy? TDL Fitness is firmly on the side of the latter.

This might seem strange when we are constantly advocating the fitness lifestyle and long lasting fitness through happiness, self-love and sef-sustainability. What if we told you that you can have all of that AND use that when you sad or unhappy all of the time? TDL Fitness believes that anguish and unhappiness is a better motivator to exercise than happiness.

The simple evidence from this is when you ask why people exercised in the first place. For some they were born to exercise, for others they fell into it either through competition or through family. For so many others the reason they got into fitness was because they were in a dark place and saw exercise as a means of escape. More likely you are reading this with anguish fueling your curiosity in all things fitness than because you are completely or mostly content with life. How often it's been said that people got into exercise and training after a break-up or falling out with a friend or relative or other life experiences that required some sort of action? Exercise is on a par with taking up smoking in terms of why people get into it. Therefore anguish is a better motivator to start than simply being happy in life.

Other evidence is that when you ask people why they exercise...why they truly exercise it is because they have or had not been happy with what they were/are at the moment in terms of the way they look or simply the way they feel in their own body. Looking in the mirror millions of people in the world utter the immortal words 'i need to get in shape'. This self-loathing or anguish because of the state we are/were in fuels us to exercise. Whilst there are those who exercise as well as being happy in their own skin they are few and far between.

When we are unhappy in the gym we are there to prove other people, ourselves or in some cases fate wrong. A big reason for exercising is wanting to feel better about ourselves because something or someone has made us think we are worth less than we want. Exercise is a tool by which people feel that they are worth more. Whilst this isn't indicative of a fitness lifestyle it is nonetheless a motivator for getting people to exercise. If that is the lighting paper that eventually makes the fire of the fitness lifestyle then good!

In the process of exercise itself we do more if we are coming from an anguish-like state. This is because the endorphins make us feel better and we naturally associate a quick fix with exercise similar to how some associate cigarettes with stress-reduction. Fitness is a drug that associated with feeling better from almost any circumstance can be a powerful motivator in our lives. We go further because we think that more of this 'fitness drug' will make us feel even better. We push ourselves more and more because we want more of those sweet sweet endorphins that eventually dull if we train at the same level. Therefore we think 'i need more and more' which is how an addiction

Happiness is very two-dimensional. We are happy and whatever we do just adds to that happiness. When we are sad the dimensions suddenly become greater as we are given options as to how ti improve our mood. Do we eat loads or less? Do we smoke? Or do we exercise. Treating exercise as a feel-good-drug means that it is more of a motivation than we think. We just need to make it a credible alternative to the less healthy options...unlikely until we can spread the fitness revolution with TDL Fitness at the vanguard.

You don't need to be unhappy to exercise but unhappiness can fuel the desire for exercise at a greater rate. This is an incredible power within all of us. We just have the choose to harness it.


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