Why We Should Promote Fitness Vanity

Taking a selfie with abs showing or tensing our arms, legs or but muscles and taking a picture of that can be seen as a twat-ish thing to do. A general response to a gym selfie on snapchat is to roll one's eyes and think 'what a show-off'. Yes you are right, it is a show-off-y thing to do but we all show things off on social media from natural views to baby photos. For some reason fitness pictures are categorized as 'show-off-y' whilst photos which show off other things are seen as acceptable. Not only should fitness photos be socially acceptable they should be encouraged in order to promote a social acceptance and desire to get others into fitness.

When you show off a picture of a view you can see it looks great but to the rest of us we aren't there to see it for real and so can't share in that joy of actually seeing it. If you take a picture of your wedding then it's great but some of us are still single and won't be celebrating our weddings any time soon so we can't share in that joy of the real thing. If you take a picture of having a great time you are showing off how great a time you are having. We cannot recreate that good time you are having exactly in wherever you are. When it comes to fitness photos however it is different. Whilst showing off amazing abs might not be exactly possible to others who don't have as good genetics as you it does give people the thought of; 'well i could achieve something similar couldn't I'?

Showing off a body with a low fat percentage is showing off a goal that it relatable and achievable for others. We can all have a low body fat percentage in our own way and whilst showing off something that is helped by genetics and a great bone structure it can also serve as a reminder to others that fitness is a thing we can all be a part of in our own way. Gym selfies aren't a 'look at me and what you will never achieve' but more a 'look at what i achieved on my own which is what you can do too'. OK that second bit sounds dubious but that's where you fill in the blanks. You can't do that for a baby photo because that baby is extremely specific to that person and maybe you don't want to have a baby but we all want to be healthy, we all want to live to the maximum of our human potential don't we? We all want to not worry about our health and to look after ourselves? What is the best form of looking after ourselves and our health? Living a fitness and healthy lifestyle. Sounds like a great life choice.

So when you see a fitness selfie don't be disgusted and yet super like your friend's Machu Pichu photo because that's double standards. Don't get annoyed by a friend showing off their defined stomach whilst posting that you are off to Ibiza for a week. We all show off in our own way and fitness should be classified as equal if not greater than others. You don't inspire others to travel when you announce to the social media world you are travelling. You don't inspire others to have kids when you show off pictures of yours. When you take a fitness selfie however you are giving other people a sense of 'well they are living their fitness lifestyle, why can't i do the same?' You can do the same and let every gym selfie by your friends remind you of that.

From the other point of view for some people an amazing body is something that has taken years of hard work, dedication, time and effort. Why can't they show it off? Their body is a product of the same things that would make someone an amazing musician or an incredible stunt devil or a great magician. We all look at their videos as they rightly show off their talent. Why can't we fitness people do the same. What's the best part of showing off fitness pictures and videos? It's much more achievable for other people. No matter the years of hard work we might never get to have the best relationship ever that some people constantly post on their social media because sometimes we don't have that sort of luck. No matter the years of hard work we might never get the dream job that pays millions that people share on Facebook with their expensive purchases. We can all however reach our individual fitness potentials.

When we see people showing stuff off we naturally feel a slight sliver of envy no matter how crude it might be. The great thing about fitness is that envy can make way for inspiration which can make way for achievable goals. Why not see fitness photos as a good thing? Fitness has little to no down sides in this modern western world. Why don't we all just accept and push fitness as a social media cult in order to make this world a healthier place to live?

The next time you see a friend of yours show off their product of years of hard work in the gym you like that photo, tell them well done and then get your own amazing body specific to you if you haven't got it already. Show off something worth showing off like the life choice of a lifetime; a healthy fitness lifestyle where you look after yourself in the best way possible.


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