Genetics and Fitness

You can train every day with the best routine ever, eat clean for years and incrementally increase the intensity of your workouts...and still not look as amazing as some people who go to the gym maybe twice a week and don't even eat clean. You can be a gym bunny of years and years and still not have less body fat than that sexy person on the beach who probably only lifts about half of what you do. What's their secret to an amazing body with half the effort you put in? The big secret they don't tell you in Men's Health and other magazines; Genetics.

Whilst we can all start going to the gym and exercising well some of us are lucky enough to have a massive head start with a great metabolism, are able to push ourselves more than others with an increased lung capacity and workout more efficiently with longer limbs. These are things people are born with, things that cannot be bought or acquired in life and things we just have to accept in life. This very factor means there's no point ever comparing ourselves to other people in how we look or how we compare physically to other people. We can train a lot but for some that training is easier, better and shows better results. These things happen and there's no better indication of that than in sports. Some athletes are always at the top of their game and aside from hard work what gets them to the top is their genetics. This is the same in the normal world and there's nothing aside from plastic surgery that we can do to get to their standards.

This isn't something to be disheartened about! The genetic factor is something to remind us that all we can really do is the best with what we have and reach our own individual potential. There's no sense pointing and saying 'i want to look like that' when it's not physically and naturally possible. This is where normal people separate and the abnormal ones become sports stars or even movie stars. We aren't saying that hard work doesn't pay off but you have to pay more than some who can simply breeze through. So stop comparing yourself to others and being annoyed that you couldn't do what some did because life is like that. Get to the best of your potential and then see what avenues that opens up for you rather than expectantly train for something that might be physically too high for you.

People get this issue wrong every time, even sportsmen! How often have we seen great sports people suffer injury after injury? We call that unlucky when really their skill set might be great, their ability and hard work might be shining but their body just isn't genetically made like others to sustain the physical and indeed mental pressure of being the best in a particular sport. Some people no matter how hard they train will never be the next Usain Bolt and trying to do that lands injuries and a sort-of physically ceiling.

Genetics should remind us to temper our ambition away from the media sensationalism poured on us every time we turn on the TV or open a magazine. We shouldn't have the pangs of 'i want to look like them' when the reality is that you can't and shouldn't want to because it isn't possible. Do the best with what you have or constantly chase after someone else's shadow whilst your own one despairs behind you waiting for you to turn around and realize that the best of you is what you should be chasing.

Genetics is a bitch. Life isn't fair. We are all born with advantages and disadvantages. The trick is to use the advantages we have, appreciate and in fact admire our disadvantages and come to peace with those of others. That's the true mental side of fitness when we look out from our own fitness journey. Don't make the mistake of comparing when the only one you should compare yourself with is you of yesterday.


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