Making Fitness An Addiction

If you are addicted to fitness then you have understood what it means to live a fitness lifestyle. Addiction is when you cannot get enough of something and when you have it it's never enough. Addiction is wanting it every day and feeling sad if you don't have it. It is entirely possible to become addicted to fitness. What's better is that if you get addicted to fitness you have the big possibility of kicking unhealthy addictions along the way.

When you ask people why they go to the gym you get a varied response depending on how long they have been going for;

For the 3-6 month people the reason is more often that they need to lose weight or they have recently turned over a new leaf.

For the 6-12 month people the reason is more often that they are seeing results and are learning more about the process.

For the 1-2 year people the reason is more often that they really like going and they are starting to formulate more long term plans.

For the 2+ year people the reason is more often that they love fitness and will go there every day because the mere idea of going is euphoric.

This is a trend that I have gone through and countless other people have gone through; the ones that started and never stopped. You can see the progression from short term and specific goals to the mere primal joy of working out as time goes by. Of course you can still have long term fitness plans after 2 years and many people do but when you ask people what their motivation is the 'plan' motivation is less prevalent. What takes over people's minds is the want and desire to go to the gym. This means that there is a great chance in time that you can get addicted to the gym.

The thing about other more harmful addictions is that it takes a considerably less space of time to get addicted to them. You manipulate feelings in your body through artificially tampering chemicals within you to feel a euphoric sense of happiness and a lack of sadness. Fitness does exactly the same but with no artificial-ness. This is why it takes longer to get addicted to fitness.

Think that you could never get to the stage where going to the gym is an addiction? Well everyone is different. Some can take only a few months to get addicted, others it can take a lot longer than 2 years but the longer you go to the gym more likely you are to develop the addiction that almost guarantees you the results you always wanted as long as they are realistic and achievable. You may feel like fitness will always be an alien concept which you cannot get addicted to but this is where perseverance comes in. It has always been the case when working up an addiction. that first cigarette or that first pint of beer didn't get you instantly hooked; it took a few more goes or several more for you to need or crave that bad addiction. With fitness that process to addiction takes a lot longer because it's healthy, you have to go through the growing pains of those first goes at it but once you get yourself into the mindset that was illustrated at the beginning of this article then you are well on your way to needing the gym every day!

Is being addicted to the gym a bad thing? Well no unless you injure yourself through over-exercise or essentially workout too much but the great thing about fitness is that if you do too much of it eventually you train your body to cope with that level of addiction as long as it is possible. Then once your body has caught up with your addiction you will look better, you will be able to feed your addiction even more and before you know it you achieved all you wanted to achieve when you first started off and I bet you it felt like it went REALLY QUICKLY.

Therein lies the secret to living a fitness lifestyle and enjoying the journey rather than the goal. Once you get into the addiction phase which is possible for all of us you won't care if you didn't quite reach your target, you won't set unbelievable pressure on yourself to succeed in fitness. You will just be happy you went to the gym and worked out. This is where happiness and distraction from the real world kicks in when you go to the gym. It happens to so many people. Why can't it happen to you?


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