Getting On Board The HIIT

High-Intensity-Interval-Training is an unconventional method of losing body fat by doing different (mostly body-weight but free-weights is great too) exercises one after the other in a routine of simplicity or complexity. HIIT is difficult because it requires a lot of energy in a short space of time and often shocks the body which doesn't allow you to relax at all during the exercise routine. Whilst this might sound attractive because it burns more fat than simple cardio the mental aspect of it is difficult because of how demanding it is. There is a way of training yourself to get into the spirit of this effective workout.

Firstly why HIIT? In simple cardio training your body goes into a steady-like state and conserves calories when it finds a regular way of getting through your exercise. HIIT is different, varied and works different muscles at different intensities every time. You outsmart your body with HIIT and therefore you burn more fat and get toned quicker.

HIIT requires discipline, a good memory and an awareness of how your body is coping:

DISCIPLINE: HIIT demands you to follow exercises to the letter with a strict eye on timing. HIIT does not want you to start exercising 5 seconds into your 30 second repetition nor does it want you to stop 5 seconds before the end of that 30 seconds. HIIT demands you start on time and finish on time and finish strong. Cutting corners drastically reduces the effectiveness of the workout. HIIT also requires discipline in posture because you don't want to injure yourself and you want to workout the intended muscle without getting help from other muscles making the workout easier.

GOOD MEMORY: You don't want to keep reaching for your phone to see what to do next because it ruins the flow of HIIT. You want to go to the next exercise almost instantly. If you need to write your exercises down on a piece of paper and put it in front of you then do so but with a good memory you can seamlessly transition into the next exercise. A good memory also helps you to be tactical with your effort and not go too hard on a particular muscle when it will be used a lot in the next exercise. For example you don't want to pump your legs furiously during mountain climbers when you have burpees to go next. Remember what is next and the one after that. That way you won't get lost, confused and furstrated that you lost count. The technical side of HIIT should be easy.

AWARENESS OF BODY: The effort you give is essential. There's no sense killing yourself on the first set of your HIIT session when you have 2 more to go after. Similarly you don't want to go hell for leather on the first 15 seconds of a repetition and limp your way through the next 15 of the 30 second repetition. You want to start strong and finish strong on the repetition and the set itself. If that requires you to hold back a bit in the early rounds then do that. It might seem silly at first but it's tactical and gives you a great chance of avoiding just going through the motions and wasting your time on the last set of your HIIT. This awareness comes with time so don't worry if you don't get it right on the first, second or even fifth go. Get it right and you're working out smart.

If you are mentally there then you can make any HIIT session yourself with the greatest of ease. Cherry-pick body-weight exercises and slam them together, get your timer, choose how many sets and how long for and go go go. If you want you can make it all repetition based instead of timer based and you can time yourself to see how long it takes for you to complete your HIIT. There's so many possibilities once you crack the mental side of a tough and demanding workout. Always do it at the end of your workout though. This is where you give it all you have left in the tank. Crawl out of the gym knowing you left it all there in the gym. HIIT will give you that.


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