Do You Reach For Your Phone Or Your Water Bottle?

After your last repetition of your set or workout do you reach for your mobile phone to check messages or take selfies or for your water bottle/towel if you have one? If you reach for the former then you are doing fitness wrong. If you reach for the latter then that's a pretty good indicator that you have fitness and your fitness priorities right.

This might sound like a very specific question but it is much more broad than you might think. Fitness is all about closing your eyes from the world as much as you can and focusing on your workout. Now sure you can reach for your phone after drinking water but what goes first? What do you reach for first? The answer reveals much more about your workout and how seriously you take fitness. It can even reveal where you are on the fitness journey and might answer other questions like why you aren't seeing results or why you aren't enjoying the gym as much as you want to.

If you reach for your phone before your water does that not mean you aren't as tired as you should be? Was that last repetition not really as effective as it should be? If your workout is working then that last repetition should be really tricky and you should be gagging for water before, during and after those final two repetitions even if your intensity isn't very high. If you reach for your phone perhaps that's an indicator for a less-than-efficient workout and maybe that should show you why you aren't getting the results you want as quick as you want.

If you reach for your phone what are you achieving with your phone that you can't do outside of the gym? Are you guaranteed to finish whatever you are doing on your phone before you need to start the next set? This might sound like something a parent would say but not here. Go on your phone as much as you want when you are out of the gym. Go to town in fact because it's a great piece of technology we take for granted. In the gym however the best piece of technology at that time is the workout watch you have on telling you what your heart rate is or the biompedance scale telling you where you need to burn fat.

As a rest or recovery period starts the first thing you should reach for is your water bottle so that the cool liquid bursts into your mouth and lows down your throat as you feel the cool nature of that substance caress your insides and splash effortlessly into your stomach giving you the refreshed kick you need to start off that ticking time bomb inside you that will explode in 30 seconds to 2 minutes allowing you to go faster, jump higher and push harder. That's your primary concern after a hard workout set. Your secondary concern? Maybe check out your body and see if you feel tight anywhere and give it a good stretch maybe? Third concern is what your phone is beeping about. That should be the mental progression and that's if you have the time for step three.

Reach for your water and you have a clear indicator that your workout is working. Reach for the water and your body is needing to recover meaning your workout is efficient and you feel tired because you pushed your body more than it can naturally go which means it needs to change to suit that intensity it is being subjected to in the future. Water is delicious when you need it and are tired. It might be bland during a meal but after a tricky workout it is the best tasting thing since those last Jolly Ranchers you had.

Drink water, don't check your phone. That can wait...mostly. Enjoy your time in the gym and save the selfies for when you are done. If you do that then you will look better in the photos anyway. Pro tip. Drink up.


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