How Fitness Is The Biggest Display Of Individuality

When we exercise we don't do it to improve other people, we don't do it for the sake of a cause. We exercise because it improves ourselves and ourselves alone. Looking after ourselves includes keeping ourselves healthy yes, but improving the way we are on our own terms in a style we want is the biggest display of being an individual; the best way for us to feel good about who we are.

Is this an important factor when considering taking up a fitness life? Of course it is! How often do you ever display to others and yourself that you are doing something for yourself? You might think that this sounds selfish and it is! That's the best part.

With almost anything else when it comes to self improvement there's a natural progression line. You learn more you get better at something. You master a skill that's great but there's an obvious path of projection. When it comes to the gym there is no obvious path of progression! You choose which progress path you go down in the gym! You can go and body-build the heck out of the gym, you can tone up and develop lean muscle, you can focus exclusively on cardio keeping your body thin but with the ability to run long distances and staying thin, you can walk down so many different fitness paths depending on what you want and how to achieve it. That is a huge display of individuality where you can choose how to show how you want to improve yourself and your life. People get into fitness for a whole variety of reasons and choose what fitness is to them. When you get into fitness you choose what fitness means to you.

It might seem like people do the same things in the gym and go through a generic version of what fitness is. This is a misconception of what fitness actually is. Yes it is complex and before you fully understand the freedom of fitness and the gym you will have to go through the simple path; that is unless you are willing to choose what fitness is to you from the outset which is very easy to do when you reralise you have that very freedom. There you show what it means to be you; what is your choice?

How many different pieces of equipment are there in the gym? There are dozens and dozens of different pieces of equipment that can be done in thousands of different sequences and that's before you get to the free weights section. Thus in total there are hundreds of thousands of ways to use the gym to your individual fitness goal. Yes some people might say 'do this in that sequence' or 'these things are effective so just do this' but at the end of the day you choose what to do yourself. You do what you want to your own speed. How effective it is, how complex it is, how quick it takes it quite simply up to you. That's the beauty of it!

What do you get out of it at the end? It's not so much a better body that makes a difference, it's a feeling of knowing you are so much the individual you should be rather than the generic pawn in the game of life society and work wants you to feel. You are more than a cog in someone else's machine and fitness reminds you of that every time you step in the gym. You may be reminded of this for a few minutes but eventually that feeling will grow and soon you will come to a great and powerful conclusion. You sitting or standing reading this right now are a fantastic individual and so different to everyone else and you should live every day knowing that. Fitness will serve as a reminder that everything about you is different in the most obvious way. Stand up for yourself because no one else will and use fitness as defined by you to remind yourself and to give you a clue as to who you really are and what you want to be.

Millions of people go through life having no knowledge of how much of an individual they really are. These are the people who let life pass them by not realizing the human potential and their own individual potential. Fitness despite what people and companies will tell you is not a one-size-fits-all and neither is life. Treat fitness like life and things seem a lot more clear than stumbling in the dark that people feel when waking up in the morning wondering what will happen next. We aren't saying that fitness can help you see into your future but it can give you a clue as to what you yourself want to do next. That's what fitness will help you with more than almost anything else.

There are so many different things that make you you and when you look back wondering where it all started when you finally understood who you were it is fitness that was the catalyst to that eureka moment! THAT'S why you should get into fitness.


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