The Summer Workout Start-Up Tips

Summer is well on the horizon and at this point the guys go to the weights section to do bicep curls and the girls jump on the cross-trainer. This is of course a stereotype but you get the point; a lot people just go and do what they think will help get them ready for summer. It's a yearly urge that always comes at around this time. So if you are reading this and you are one of these people then let's make the most of this motivation. There is a way of a quick fix which will hopefully rope you in. So get ahead and make this article your pre-summer fitness bible.

So you want to tone up and look good? Before you even start in the gym get yourself CLA tablets. These are fantastic not only as anti-cancer tablets but are acid tablets to help burn off skin fat. This is a little thing to get you slightly ahead of the game even before you start. We recommend getting a tub of these tablets which can be quite cheap on Amazon for example.

Again before you hit the gym change your eating habits fundamentally. Forget 3 meals a day, have 5! Not the same kind of meals. Have 5 small meals spaced out of a few hours and eating no later than 3 hours before you eventually go to sleep. Little tip; if you don't like the idea of meal prepping for 5 times a day then use the extra two meals as your supplement meals. This can take the form of a protein shake in between meals! Anything to make you eat less at breakfast, lunch and supper. Big portions are worse for you than bad foods. I know...mind blown!

So let's check out the gym. Toning up and looking good requires both cardio and resistance training. Staying in the weights section or on the treadmill isn't an efficient way of getting the summer body you want or close to it if we are being realistic. You have to do both no matter what you are trying to achieve. the only difference is to what intensity.

Funnily enough if you think about it women should do more intensity in the weights section and guys doing more intensity in the cardio section. Why? Weights are known to tone the body more and women have less testosterone in their body and so won't develop muscle so much, more your body will burn fat to produce lean muscle, providing that all-over body toning that is actually more possible with weights than just running or cross-training. It also means you can be in the weights section for less time if it is more intense. For guys, more intense cardio is for the exact same reasons. More intense treadmill or other cardio machines means that you focus on fast-twitch muscle fibers, spend less time on the treadmill and develop core, devloping your ability to do more without feeling tired, enhancing your ability to workout in the weights section. Annoyed you feel almost out of breath when doing those dumbbell curls? Jump on the treadmill, do sort harp bursts or something similar and you can train your body to keep going when doing weights, meaning that it is your muscles that give out before your body does which (drum roll) is the best way to gain muscle mass! It's exciting!

Other things to do/get for the gym for that pre-summer fitness rush is pre-workout powder. This will aid with the motivation and help you get in the zone any day. Optimum Nutrition is the advised one to get for its benefits! Gym gloves keep you from being let down by your skin! Always listen to music through headphones not earphones. Bluetooth headphones make listening to music easier and less fiddly. Total recommendation there!

As for how often to go to the gym? At least 3 times a week! How long to stay in the gym? No longer than an hour! Feel that's too long? Well your workouts aren't intense enough. Cut the rest times, increase the weight, run or cross train faster at a higher level. An hour workout, or even just half an hour is more effective than 2 hours.

For the more advanced out there wanting to really get ahead, check out the Afterburn effect, mentioned in many TDL Fitness articles which talks about burning fat even when you have left the gym. This will help shape your workouts and how to make them really effective. Afterburn effects really rely on resistance training so girls and guys, get on the weights you hear.

Ab routines should be done every other day not all the time. Let them recover when you can. That's what makes for tasty abs; planning!

Periodisation or shaking things up should not be a priority. You can do the same routine week in week out until summer for it to still be effective. Just don't be too surprised when at the end of May it starts to feel a bit easier. Getting easier? Increase the weight or the resistance. It's at your discretion. Just don't hurt yourself!

Lastly, if you are wondering if this is working for you or not you can always get in touch with TDL Fitness where we can personalize that quick fix for you. All of the above is what we can say generally but for you with your individual genetics, eating habits, attention (or lack of) to detail, your love of simplicity, complexity or challenge we can only say so much until we say come and have a chat! We are waiting to help you. Who knows, this might be the start of something much more long term than you think. Summer 2018 could be that summer when you don't have to fitness rush any more. Makes for a better summer in general! Trust us!

Oh and P.S. Lay off the alcohol as much as you can until summer. Reallllyyyyy helps with the toning.

Good luck


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