Fitness; The Way Out AND The Way In

Fitness in its entirety is seen by many as the way out of a bad situation be that the end of a relationship, getting out of 'rock bottom', losing your job and other situations. Fitness is that escape that you go to that is healthy for you, healthier then the pub, club or other alternatives. Fitness is that ever-present option in our lives that we can turn to when we are determined to do better, to make things right with you on a personal and healthy level.

Fitness is also a way in. By this I mean that fitness is a way of realization of something deeper than what could be perceived normally. Fitness can reveal to us something we might not have believed in other situations because the act of working out i.e. doing something that is ultimately selfish in an objective way of looking is a very unique act that has very little similarities to anything else we do on a daily basis. Can it not be argued that we see ourselves in a different light in the gym? Where else do you look at yourself for a sustained period of time in the mirror in yoga pants or a sleeveless t-shirt?

Fitness and working out can reveal to us so many aspects that we can be thankful for and proud of all day and night! These aspects are things we don't have to flaunt every day (though doing so can't be a bad thing as long as it is measured and with humility) and things we can remind us of quietly in our head when bad situations come to us as life does do on a frequent basis! This is a big generalization but the mere fact that this positive outlook from an inwards perspective is possible makes fitness so much more powerful than simply running away to a gym and working out our frustrations at the punching bag.

Fitness is and will always be a positive aspect for anyone who goes to the gym. No one who exercises should feel bad about themselves afterwards because exercise is ultimately doing something for your own benefit and gives you the ability to live a healthier life and in turn making you feel proud about a life choice that many people never ever choose in their lives. The mere fact that you are exercising means that you are heading towards your human potential no matter what speed! Realising that potential is an inward response to going to the gym and knowing what that potential is is something that doesn't leave us when we leave the doors of the gym. It stays with us and is something worth remembering when things get tough. You know that there is so much more to you than an incident that makes you feel like crap. There is more to life, to YOUR life and that is realised from fitness fundamentally. Of course it can be found through other ways like meditation or counselling. Then again when you think about it fitness is a much easier method.

Fitness is more than escape, it's a way in. It's a way of observing us from the outside and realising what we are on the inside, and that is a much more powerful, more determined, more optimistic version of ourselves which has ALWAYS been there. The question is how are you going to coax that version of you out to replace the one that isn't content with life as you know it right now? Fitness my friends, is the answer as long as you embrace it. It worked for me....


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