The Fitness Christmas Wishlist

With Christmas coming up and the inevitable 'what do you want for Christmas?' question being asked to everyone (or whatever your religious affiliation) what should you be asking for under your Christmas tree (or other religious foliage)? Well luckily Tony is here to suggest what things might be useful to ask for to aid your fitness and diet revolution. TDL Fitness is not sponsored by anyone by the way; this is just advisory.

From the fitness perspective; gym gloves, much seen on the official Instagram account of TDL Fitness is a good thing to ask for. Gym gloves allow the user to carry more heavy weights without the fear of palm pain, keeps one's hands nice and soft without feeling rough. Some gym gloves come with wrist straps to help avoid wrist damage and promote straight wrists! Pretty good idea and not expensive!

New gym shoes! Unless you have very durable gym shoes (rare breed of footwear) then your current ones probably have a hole or two in them. Holes develop quickly once they are there and if you get the right place to buy then they can be rather cheap! 1 pair of gym shoes per year is actually a good idea especially for hygiene as well as general maintenance and keeping grip on the soles of your feet. If you are a fair-weather gym goer then maybe give it another year!

Bluetooth earphones/headphones are a great idea and as Bluetooth technology is now becoming less expensive and more commonplace it's a good to cash in on it now. Ever get annoyed in the gym when your earphone wires get in the way when running or lifting weights? Well Bluetooth instead of wires frees you up. Yes it means something else to charge but its a price worth paying...pardon the pun!

A fitness watch is on the higher end of the spectrum of what you could ask for. Smart watches like a FitBit is a fantastic idea for a present as having the ability to monitor your heart rate both in the gym and afterwards for analysis is so helpful to actually know how well you are doing in the gym, what you can improve on and other things you would otherwise have less knowledge on without it. TDL Fitness thinks fitness watches help out in so many ways not least to help people self education in the gym about what works and what doesn't. One time purchase. Go for it.

From the diet side, there are loads of ideas for presents too! Here's a few ideas: The Nutribullet or other strong blender. Is it healthy fruit or something similar? Does it blend? Blend the hell out of it. It's novel but also a good idea to make eating a quick thing (as it should be). A blender makes things much easier when it comes to food preparation and drinking is much better for the body to absorb than food itself. Lots of useful things from a simple blender.

Copious amounts of Tupperware sounds like a very small thing to ask for but it's a great idea in order to help sort out meals for the week. It's a very simple but effective way of planning, of getting in to the way of healthy eating and training to have just what is prepared! Colourful plastic boxes to take to where you work or something is a great way and cheaper way of eating and to control fully your weight from your diet.

Smart scales are on the higher end of the present spectrum but is one of the only ways to actually truly know your true weight with regards to muscle and fat. Smart scales usually work as a bio-electrical impedance scale. This is the best way so far to know what your fat weight is as well as your muscle weight. The really fancy ones can also map where the fat weight is specifically in your body so you can work on it in the gym. One of the greatest fitness presents from our point of view.

One more idea is a prepaid Spotify membership for example because music is great. Seldom thought of as a present. Much like a gym membership as a present! Don't do that!

Or why not a TDL Fitness shirt! ;)

Merry Christmas #BeProud

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