Exposing the Fitness and Diet 'Shortcuts'

They are everywhere to be found, and we all look for them. No matter how much reality engulfs our mind we still long for the shortcut, the fast track to losing weight, gaining muscle and looking good. Frankly with all the promises thrown at us by various companies it is hard not to take notice sometimes! We are all human, and we all have one life, so it invariably crops up that we would rather get the results now rather than wait.

There is however one main thing to understand; the supplement industry is horrendously unregulated and therefore not to be trusted in the same way you would trust medicine to cure you. The FDA or equivalent food standards agency in your country does not regulate the supplements for their actual nutritional quality, nutritional benefits and does not even regulate whether you are being sold something like sawdust. There is no possible way you should trust supplement companies at all.

It's because of this fact that they can promise 'shortcuts' because no one has the legal authority to tell them that there is no shortcut offered by the product. Case in point; on the Diet Pills Watchdog website they have tried and tested thousands of diet pills and out of those only 4-5 actually do what they advertise on the label. After some testing done by TDL Fitness on various protein powders only 3 brands are recommended as actually beneficial in terms of price and benefits gained out of dozens of companies promising so much, but delivering very little, if anything at all. In some cases certain companies' products actually have an adverse effect to what they advertise.

You the customer should know exactly what it is you are buying and the ingredients are there to be seen, that is true. However how do you know whether the ingredients are actually any good or if they are just fancy words for sawdust (staying with the theme)? Unless you go on a course you will have no idea. So be very very very reluctant to buy anything with supposed promises without a few things to help such as being recommended something by a friend or relative, reading a lot of reviews on various websites, buying from a trusted brand and so on. Don't jump into something that sounds good because unless it's famous, well known and fantastic to everyone who knows it, don't trust it. It sounds obvious but we are all human aren't we?

As for fitness 'shortcuts' TDL Fitness has sought to tackle these myths as best as we can. There is no such thing as a fitness shortcut, only techniques that improve efficiency, information to make us smarter and to waste less of our time on things with no real benefit (like mega resting during a workout), and actual dedication to fitness. There are NO fitness shortcuts that actually work (long term especially) and anyone who says there are either misinterpret improved techniques and information as shortcuts or are lying. It sounds good, it'l get you buying things, but that's about it.

Think smart when it comes to the shortcut message we all get. It sounds good, looks good, but all they need to do is say it works and show a couple of pictures for their advertising team to do the job on you. We all waste so much money on things like these when actually we get nothing out of them. Until the food standards agencies actually crack down on this (especially in America) then it is up to us to make the right and informed choice on things like these. Making sure that we eat the right things and do the right exercises is always the base from which we should aspire to change ourselves rather than shortcuts. After all what is the shortcut to? TDL Fitness maintains that in order to look good, feel good and STAY that way you have to have a fit lifestyle. There is no shortcut to it because there is no finish line. We can enhance our fitness lifestyle if we are being truly honest about it.


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