Turn Your Normal Day Into A Fit One

In every-day life we have an opportunity to change things up to get some physical and mental benefits. Whether you are stuck in an office or outside there are always ways of changing your routine just a bit to turn it to your advantage. Fitness is a lifestyle that has no on or off button; it goes on and on and on. Maybe going to the gym and working out is a bit of a step too big for some people which is no bad thing. It is perfectly normal. This however means the next step you take is smaller but no less significant.

If you are one of those people who needs a smaller step to the fitness lifestyle or simply want another way of keeping/getting fit then all you need to is examine what you can do during the day to stay fit. What most people do during the day is work so examine what you can do at work to get in to shape.

If you are someone who is tied to a desk day and night (for WHATEVER reason) then all you need do is to make the mundane a bit different. This can look as simple as standing up for more than you sit down, taking phone calls pacing around the room, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, switching that glass of wine after work for a Lucozade or walking home instead of taking public transport. Those are just several of many examples but you can think of some yourself more akin to what you do for work. Do you work outdoors? Then you have more time to stay on your feet which burns a fair amount of calories if done for long enough (better than sitting down for so many reasons). Walking back from work would also apply to you (duh) or perhaps doing the odd 20 press ups every hour if you are cheeky. The possibilities are endless.

These are the practical things you can do but let's check out the mental side. Fundamentally the way to get fit is to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. For the lucky few it is a matter of going to the gym and working out and getting addicted to that routine. To most people however that leap which takes care of the mental side as well as the physical aspects of a fitness lifestyle at a greater rate is in a round-about way very difficult to achieve. This is why making our normal day-to-day routines a bit more fit-orientated is such a good way of getting past that obstacle. If you can start to give normal tasks like commuting the fitness-touch, and then making that your routine then over time you can understand the fitness lifestyle and what it will look like to you. Maybe this process will lead you to the gym or it may not! The main thing is to get on that journey to see what your fitness lifestyle will look like.

There in it is the secret to fitness for everyone who cannot realistically go to the gym right now or in the next hour or two after reading this incredibly inspirational article (hey I can dream). Look at what you do in your life; do you travel? Walk or take the longer route. Do you have a big packed lunch? Make smaller but more lunches to improve your diet (more meals, less quantity of food in them). There are many ways of doing it, and maybe it will take just changing one element of your daily routine to start off with but that's ok! Change one thing about your daily routine every week or month and before you know it the process of changing your normal day into a fit day will quicken up and reveal itself to be the most efficient you can be. That is how to change your life, whoever you are.

Living a fitness lifestyle is more than going to the gym, it's accepting the fact that fitness is something we can do wherever we are, in whatever state we are in for however long at whatever speed and intensity. We live and breathe fitness as if it was in our DNA; that is the secret to long lasting fitness. If you can change the way you live even just slightly and keep it going forever then you have achieved the fitness lifestyle currently enjoyed by a mere 8% of the world's population. Your love of the feeling of those endorphin will grow when you finish walking back from work, your lunches will be a thing of beauty rather than something to regret later when achieving the fitness lifestyle we all want! You reading this now can get on it and start changing things. It really is that simple. If you don't feel disciplined enough then make it small changes that you initially barely notice. Get yourself on the train tracks before you motor ahead if need be. You are an individual, I can't map it out perfectly, but I have the tools if you want to use them. Remember to give them to someone else once you're done.

#BeProud guys... Be so f&*!king proud!

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