What You Can Do Right Now To Get You To Workout

When people read fitness and health articles there's something most of us think which is; 'oh that's useful information, i'll just store that in the back of my brain and hope it resurfaces when i want it to'. Sound like something you would think? Everyone does it at some point. People in university do it all the time!

So what can you do right now whilst reading THIS health and fitness article to get you on the way to working out hard and smart? It seems as if the best way to articulate this is in some sort of list form. Here goes:

1) Assess very specifically what fitness is to you. Write it down now......it's OK i'll wait.....done it yet? Struggling to define fitness for you? Well here are some examples. 'Fitness to me is going to the gym 5 times a day for the rest of my life'. 'Fitness to me is being under and staying under 80kg'. 'Fitness to me is being able to run 6 kilometres in under 30 minutes'. You might have more than one statement to write about what fitness is, but that's ok. Fitness to everyone is completely specific and unique. Avoid the trap of putting 'Fitness to me is looking good' because that's like putting your fitness goal on a string on a treadmill. It will always be in front of you but you will never reach it. Make it long term, make it specific to you and make it difficult.

2) Get your scheduler out, diary or your iPhone calendar and start planning 1 hour trips to the gym. You have time to pencil it in trust me. Make sure it's at least 3 times a week spaced evenly out. If it's 7 times a week then go for it! There's a minimum but don't constrain yourself with thinking there's a maximum. Planning is essential because it introduces discipline and decisive action. This will be key in later weeks.

3) For the days you have planned assign them a genre of fitness be it cardio, weights or a mixture of both. This will depend largely on what you wrote down for stage 1; what fitness is to you. Don't get too technical here. Just assign the genre for the moment to each day. Split them up if you want to. You can have two separate genres or a whole multitude of genres, it's your choice.

4) Define what each genre is separately from what you have just written. This is the technical bit and might require some research. Not a lot of research if that isn't your thing. TDL Fitness has many articles helping you define what the genre of workout you are looking for. For starters, just think of three exercises/machines you could use for each day. Ask a friend or professional for help on this. Get as technical or as simple as you want. This could look like; 'For my cardio days i will spend 30 minutes on the treadmill going at 11kph with 3 rests in between, then doing a 6 minute ab interval training'. It could also look like 'For my weights days i will do Bench press x3 of 15kg followed by Squats x3 at 40kg' and so on. This is also going to be determined by what you wrote for your own specific definition of fitness for you. That should be your guiding star.

5) Make everything you have just written down pretty, make it big, put it on your bedroom wall so you can see it easily every day. Add colours, highlights. This is important! You could even add a separate sheet of sticker stars, one you can award yourself every time you go to the gym.

6) Put a reminder in your phone to buzz in 3 months time today to remind you to change the routine around. This will make sure you avoid the plateau and make sure you keep it interesting for yourself. It could be 3 months, or 2, or even just 6 weeks. It depends on if you like to keep it fresh or you like a long plan.

That's it. 6 easy steps you can do right now. Literally right now. Haven't started step 1 yet? That's ok I'll finish this article when you do the steps..............done yet? That's ok i have time............On to step 2 yet? Alright, keep going with step 1....................How we doing? Hey that's great! See it's not so difficult now is it. Now on to step 2 and get a move on my tea is getting cold...........dammit i need to make a new one you keep going I'll brew the kettle. Would you like some tea whilst you are doing the rest of the steps? Yeah that's fine I'll get you one...............i burnt myself on the kettle.....You keep going i need to go to the hospital......


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