The Biggest Obstacle To Fitness And Its Solution

We are always worried about starting something and failing to see things through. Playing it safe by not doing something is the easiest thing to deal with whatever it is. The harder the objective the more likely we are to find something to stop it subconsciously. There are so many things that can get in the way and that is what we fear.

Fitness is one of the hardest objectives to achieve. Why? Defining fitness is very difficult and has no general meaning, and knowing how to get to that objective of fitness is so difficult to understand! Is it so surprising that a lot of people fail to get to where they want to be.

There is one obstacle, the biggest one of all that everyone has to go through when it comes to fitness, and no matter who you are the obstacle will come. You could do so much research, buy so many potions to help you but there is the big obstacle that puts people off fitness, or stops people in their tracks. What is that obstacle? Ourselves. Self-doubt.

We are our own worst enemy when it comes to changing something about our lives. It is not something that we can buy to change and no amount of personal trainer sessions will get over that obstacle for you. They can give you the tools but it is only you who can address the thoughts inside your head. These thoughts are self doubt, a low self esteem, the feeling of being lost and insecure about how you look or what you are doing. Are any of these thoughts what come to you? The biggest reason people stop or never pick up fitness is the thoughts inside their head. It's a really awful situation which all of us go through, not only to do with fitness but with so many things that make us question whether something is worth it or not.

There is however a hint in what i wrote above to the solution to this very obstacle. Fitness is so hard to achieve when so much is going against us mentally. There must be a solution to this very fundamental problem of self esteem. The answer to this is to fight emotion with logic. We are all human, going through emotions, and when it comes to the biggest obstacle ever the answer is to acknowledge that everyone goes through it. You are not a mental case that's completely different to everyone else. We are all different but we are all human and therefore there is a solution. We all need to understand that everyone goes through doubt and lack of belief in many things in life; so we know that it is possible to overcome them because others have done so too. If i can do it, you can!

This all seems so obvious and simple but so hard to put into practise. It also happens on a daily basis for a lot of us. Sometimes it's a wonder we can do so many things at all with so much doubt we go through about so many things. Do i look good? Am i attractive? Am i seizing the day? So many doubts! the solution is to know that we all go through them, so what is stopping you from getting to the other side of this obstacle? The answer to what is stopping you; yourself.

You are your own worst enemy because that obstacle is you, but your best friend is also yourself, because it is only you that will get over that obstacle. Confusing you a bit? Well let's simplify it. What stops you from exercising? The feeling that you can't do it because you feel you are not strong enough or dedicated enough. What is the solution? Understanding that you are not alone in what you think, accepting that the only solution is for you to accept that there is a way to achieve what you want, the next step is doing it.

So how do we address these thoughts of self-doubt and defeatism head on? That's the golden question. The golden answer is to understand that these thoughts are a fact of life and to realise that these are just thoughts! There is no factual evidence to make you doubt yourself aside from the times you gave up on something. If you simply understand that not believing the thoughts inside your head and instead acknowledging what is in front of you then you can achieve anything you want. Don't believe what you think, act how you want to be. Real life is so much better than the life you think you live.

This is the solution to fitness, relationships, work, everything. We have all been there. I have certainly been there. acknowledging that thoughts inside your head are just thoughts, you will feel free to do whatever it is you want. You want to get fit? Go for it! Nothing is stopping you but yourself! Feel that you need information to help? Check out some things but exploration is fun! Feel that you are not motivated enough to get there? Says who? On whose authority is this true? If it's not real it's not there.

The answer to life's biggest obstacle is having the courage to tell yourself that thoughts are just thoughts, and what is real is what actually makes the difference. Fix your mind to that when you next think about going to the gym. It can change your life, and help others change theirs. Be someone else's inspiration to get over that obstacle that they will have to tackle. The results...are incredible.


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