How Fitness Saves You Money

There are so many obvious benefits to living a healthy and fit life that come to mind though perhaps we do not appreciate the benefits as much as we should. The biggest benefit we often take for granted is how being fit and living it can save us money in the very long term. Money makes the world go round and for most of us we would rather not part with too much of it on things we might believe to be needless. With fitness and health the more you put in however, the more you save money in the long run.

The health benefits of fitness is the main reason we save money living an active and healthy lifestyle. With a fit and healthy life you are statistically less likely to get sick, catch illnesses, injure yourself doing day-to-day activities and so on. Your immune system is indirectly benefited from fitness and directly benefited from a really healthy diet. Living fit can make a drastic change to your own well being. I used to catch colds and fevers and back injuries around once to twice a month. To this day I have been properly ill around 4 times in the last 4 years.

What does warding off illnesses and injuries have to do with saving money? If you are not sick nearly as often then you take less days off work to recover, you don't have to pay nearly as much money towards antibiotics or medicine which would otherwise tie up a lot of money in the long run. Living healthy means less trips to the physio and more time to yourself and saving money! It's that simple. Living fit and healthy can make such a difference between where that extra two grand a year goes. Does that money go back to your boss in missed working hours? Does it go to the big pharmaceutical companies who love it when you get sick? Does it instead go back to you? This is the main factor that needs more appreciation when thinking of why you might want to start getting fit and living healthy. A small change can make a big difference in your health and your wallet; imagine what a big change will do!

Following on from money saved from going to the doctors, imagine if hundreds of thousands of people started taking this all into account and started living healthy; there would be far less demand on your national health service and so would be less of a burden to your taxes. On a large level should the fitness revolution TDL Fitness is pushing for come to being, money to the health service would be much less, taxes towards it would go down and more money is saved for you. Think about that the next time someone is talking to you about maybe trying the gym for a bit. If enough of us live and advocate this healthy lifestyle then the world would directly benefit both in health and monetarily too.

Fitness and health is a discipline at the end of the day. It's not easy, demands time and dedication and knowledge to understand and eventually to master. Therefore it is likely to affect other aspects of your a good way! How? When you go to the gym you go through quite a lot of difficult exercises that really test your body to its limits in order to lose weight and develop muscle. The last thing you want to do after strenuous exercise is to take a step back by having a bad diet or drinking lots afterwards, or even desiring that cigarette. Developing a love for a discipline that affects your health can have adverse affects on other aspects of your life that affects your health, most if not all in a positive way. This effect can save you money on things you would otherwise spend on if you had not developed the discipline of fitness and health. Those extra glasses of wine after dinner seem a bit less tasty, that cheesecake might be a 4 day job instead of one day, that packet of cigarettes look much less tempting. Money can be saved in so many ways; and with less money going into certain vices we all have in life the less likely we are to develop illnesses that can stem from such vices. It really is a win win situation.

Fitness isn't an expensive past time; it just requires a bit of hard work, dedication and an appreciation to things we really take for granted. Fitness really is a lifestyle and it is one that anyone can learn to live no matter who you are. The fitness lifestyle can really change your life and monetarily this is very much the case. Save money by being fit and in order to do that you must understand, start and apply fitness to you personally. TDL Fitness is there to assist you to get from A to B and in doing so start saving you money for other things or just to save and appreciate just how much of a difference you have made to your life. Fitness is something that is very selfish in a good way and you learn to enjoy your own company without the need to spend money on other things when you are proud of yourself. What a life it could be. All you need is the willingness to appreciate, to learn and to go.


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