How TDL Fitness Has Built Its Following

TDL Fitness was founded in October 2014 and goes from strength to strength since then. We have built a content-heavy website so that you can use the TDL Fitness website for almost everything you need to help you onto your fitness journey. TDL Fitness has prided itself on what it offers you the reader, you the listener and you the viewer, you the interactive-person. There's something for everyone here.

TDL Fitness now has over 13,000 combined social media followers and values each and every single fan and of course TDL Fitness member. These followers have engaged with the TDL Fitness podcast, read so many of our dozens and dozens of articles and listened to our fitness playlists. We even have fans wondering around with our new TDL Fitness t-shirts and merchandise!

How did we manage to get such a great start to our business? TDL Fitness is content-heavy; we have so much to offer you for free without any signing up or anything. We want people to use TDL Fitness as a directory of information and help when it comes to fitness, diet and everything in between. We give you, the people around the world the chance to teach yourself what you need to know with the information we give you and hopefully to help you become your own personal trainer. We all have the capability to teach ourselves. So many people made a huge difference to themselves physically and mentally in the gym and elsewhere without the need to fork out thousands of pounds on personal trainers at prestigious gyms that cost an arm and a leg just to get in to.

If you feel like this kind of learning is for you, then simply find your best method of learning whether it is through reading, listening, watching or just having music in your ears, we have you covered. We want to appeal to everyone, from the experienced gym bunny to the new fitness enthusiasts. Everyone is welcome to TDL Fitness; and maybe that's why we have a very large following already.

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, we are posting frequently on all of them. There's so much to cover and so many ways of covering it and you can stay up to date by liking us on one, some or all of our social media platforms;

Twitter: @TDLSocial


Instagram: @tdl_tony

We want to appeal to everyone, even those who don't have much interest in fitness. You never know maybe we can tempt you into starting your own fitness lifestyle.

That is essentially what TDL Fitness is about; getting the 80% of people who don't exercise at all to come and change their life by being informed, being motivated and putting plans into action. We have the tools and the opportunities for you, you just have to reach out and grab it. We want to change the world one step, one follower at a time. You could be next, or you could be well on your way.

A massive thanks to the 13,000+ already following us, we hope you are getting what you want. If there's something you want us to do/cover/write/talk about then send us a message! TDL Fitness listens to its members so much that a lot of what we write is a reaction to the wants and desires of our members and followers. Here's to the next 13,000 to help us shape our content and to help new people realize just what they are capable of.

Let's change the world.

#BeProud #ChangeTheWorld

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