Explaining The Fun-Efficiency Balance

TDL Fitness has a secret to success with its clients and in a picture it is what you see above; the Fun-Efficiency balance. This formula which was thought up by TDL Fitness founder Tony de Lacey directly tackles the biggest problem people have when it comes to starting an exercise lifestyle and staying on the fitness lifestyle. With this formula applied to everyone individually we can make fitness lifestyles that stick forever and thus potentially changing the lives of so many people around the world.

The two main reasons people don't exercise or stop exercising are;

-I don't have time

-I'm too lazy even if i do have the time.

So what is this magical formula that will change the world? It's very simple and can be applied not only to fitness but to many other things. In this instance it is the secret to fitness because of it's success. This is the TDL Fitness rule on the balance;

In order for any human to go through something over a long period of time in order to achieve a long term goal and to sustain it with very little short term benefit one must enjoy doing it at the same time as knowing what one is doing is working as efficiently as possible.

This is the TDL Fitness rule on the balance in life especially in fitness. If you cannot say you are enjoying a workout or your workout is not efficient you will not carry on. In order to go through what you are doing for a long period of time you need to have a balance (which is completely subjective) between the two weights. Let's see why.

Firstly, if an exercise routine is too fun, most likely it is not efficient enough to warrant significant results after a long period of time which has an adverse effect on how furn a workout is and thus decreased motivation occurs and the fitness lifestyle is under threat as there is no balance.

Secondly, if an exercise routine is too efficient, most likely it is not fun to do over and over again because of it's complexity, it's difficulty and/or it's demand on the human body or on the time it takes. If this occurs the will to do such an intense workout is decreased, motivation falls and the fitness lifestyle is under threat as there is no balance.

In order for a long lasting fitness lifestyle to occur and to flourish there must be a balance of fun and efficiency. In order for people to tackle the two main reasons highlighted above that stop them exercising or make them give up, the balance must occur.

The balance is subjective i.e. there is no one size fits all. This means that there is no way any personal trainer or fitness professional can copy and paste exercise routines to any number of clients. The fun-efficiency balance can only be achieved after a detailed examination of a person's likes and dislikes, what makes them motivated and de-motivated is conducted. A fun-efficiency balance must be found and then acted on in order for anyone to have a realistic chance of becoming fit and living the fitness lifestyle.

The balance can go from one extreme to the other and everything in between. Someone can like heavy efficiency and find it fun, and some prefer the fun to outweigh the efficiency. However most people in the world will need to find a balance somewhere in the middle, with some preferring a slightly greater element of fun than efficiency and visa versa.

In order to find the right balance for someone, questions must be asked that relate directly to this. They can be in the form of questions such as:

On a scale of 1-10 how important is fun in things you enjoy doing

On a scale of 1-10 how important are efficient results in things you enjoy doing


What activities do you enjoy doing in your day to day life and why?


It is vital to find the balance in everyone. This balance might not be easy to achieve on the first or second attempt in the gym or in making a routine but the end goal must be to find the balance. The balance can be achieved in a long period of time or very quickly depending on the information gathered and the person in question. What is most important is that the fun-efficiency balance is a goal for everyone and because of its subjectivity there is little else to say universally about the goal itself.

It is possible to change people and the world if we make it simple and easy to understand. Forget SMART goals, fat loss percentage targets and BMI as strict targets and all-important indicators; the fun-efficiency balance is the best way of being healthy and achieving and living fit and healthy lives. I advise all health and fitness professionals to take note of this and to apply it to clients and friends. To people reading this who want to find the balance, either do a self-examination of yourself or find out with TDL Fitness's E-PT consultation service.

We all have the potential within us as well as the human potential to make a difference in our lives. Use thus fun-efficiency balance to realise your potential and release it.


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