Because You're Amazing Just The Way You Are

As that classic song rings in your ears, think to yourself what those words mean. When Bruno Mars sang those beautiful words it was quite an amazing piece within a media that usually makes most of us feel pretty crap. By this we refer to music videos and other parts of the media that sensationalize incredible physical beauty and airbrushed delight. So when Bruno Mars sang this song; it was a breath of fresh air. Whilst we should never actually absorb the lyrics of any song due to many being a shallow and distorted reflection on life, this song might get through the bullshit wall TDL Fitness recommends you put up.

Now it might seem strange; a website dedicated to promoting the maximization of the human potential both physically and mentally to refer to this song about being happy with yourself as you are right now. Rather, it is because this website is dedicated to promoting the maximization of the human potential that we ARE referring to this song. It bucks the trend; as should you.

Generally in the media be it reality tv shows, music videos, magazines, films, celebrity anything we are given the ideal image of a man and woman. Music videos are some of the worst for distorting the ideal physical image. We are all human, we want the best out there and that is nothing to be ashamed of, but we are told by the media to aim for something we can't get. It's like someone is dangling a million pound note above our heads which is far to far for us to reach; but it's there.

How often do we see music videos or movies in which there is beauty personified? How often do we get a sensationalist viewpoint of the ideal body? This image pops out everywhere; and it's there because we want it, we crave it for the very reason that we want it. We are human, our hands outstretched and from that demand comes the supply of...well...distorted fiction. Not only that, but in many gyms there are televisions facing most if not all cardio machines where there is always a channel showing music videos. How often are we found on the treadmill or the cross-trainer running furiously with our eyes glued to that tv determined to look like that so much we increase the speed that bit more? We have no idea that we are on a metaphorical treadmill with a carrot outstretched in front of us that we will never reach.

It is this inversion of reality that breeds insecurity, a feeling of imperfection, social depression, a feeling of failure in exercise and a desire to conform forsaking the very flare and individuality we were all born to show and to be proud of. Such a distortion of reality has an affect on almost all of our lives; it breeds eating disorders, introvert behavior and a constant desire for appreciation, affection and ultimately taking a great step back from reality and objective reasoning. We give up on truth for an ideal that we will never get. People give up going to the gym once they realize that they will never look like those airbrushed gods and goddesses and so put their health in jeopardy, further taking a step back from what is real.

Enter Bruno Mars singing a song about how amazing and beautiful you are as you are now. It's a breath of fresh air from another direction. It blows in your face and on the tails of the wind are the notes, the words and and reality. This wind stings the face as it tries to undo years of propaganda you have been subject to from such an early age. This change in the wind tells you that you are amazing just the way you are. This realization gives you the ability to take a step towards reality and see that you need not chase that carrot any more; you no need to jump desperately for that million pound note. You can walk away, back to reality and believe in yourself again as you did when you were just a child. Leave the sensationalism to those who wish to live in a fake and unreal world. How ironic as they sit watching 'reality tv' when they are so far away from reality.

Reality is knowing you are you, and that is the best you will be, you just need to believe it. Once you do you can live healthy without chasing something you will never get to, avoiding one of the worst setbacks. You can learn to live without conformity, without worrying what other people think. This way of thinking is actually the most sustainable way of living healthy as you realize that you don't exercise to look like someone else; you exercise because the reality is you want to be the best you can be, not the best society wants you to be.

Don't fall for the trap of thinking that Rihanna, Ryan Reynolds (though he is dreamy), Kim Kardashian or Cara Delavine have 'it'. They don't, you have 'it'. Bruno Mars says you have it. So go make it happen.


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