The Pre-Workout Potion

It is easy for some people to exercise without the need for anything in order to get the most out of that session. There are those who can even start exercising or running in a state similar to when they wake up. For most of us however there is always something mentally holding us back from giving 100%. If you are one of those people who want to give their best but feel something mentally or physically is holding you back, then it is very important what state you are in beforehand is very important. We must be at our personal optimum both physically and mentally beforehand in order to exercise as best we can and in order to not feel we could have given more after the gym session.

There is a solution for everything. This is not an advert for something, it is a solution to a very common problem. For most of us we are just not exercising enough because we are mentally or physically tired; which trickles into our motivation levels which then pulls us back from being able to give our all. If we have managed to get to the gym the worst thing is to not do enough to reward our achievement of getting to the gym in the first place. There needs to be something to keep us going and go further.

Not feeling 100% also happens to people who have exercised quite a lot. It is only natural that sometimes we don't feel completely ready after so many times of going to the gym. Familiarity breeds contempt so they say and that happens from the greenest gym goer to the most experienced gym bunny.

The best way to avoid this is to fuel your body with energy. Energy comes either in what you eat; however eating fats before a workout is to be avoided as fats slow the release of protein into the body during a workout to feed the muscles. You can eat carbs which have a lot of energy in them, however if you are working out to lose weight when you exercise your body will burn off the food you have just eaten instead of your fat as it is the easiest way for your body to get energy quickly. Therefore you will burn less fat if you eat beforehand (at least an hour beforehand usually). So how do we get the energy without decreasing exercise effectiveness?

The best way i know how is to reach for the pre-workout potions. The reason behind this is that as far as I am aware it is the most effective way of keeping the energy at the highest it can be without having to eat food. Pre-workout mixtures usually consist of vitamins like A and B, but also caffeine which some people are adverse to and some people can even gain weight from. This of course is an option if you haven't tried it already. It's not perfect but it is a very good solution.

Pre-workout mixtures should contain no more than 220 milligrams of caffeine per serving; and ideally should be around 170. Any more than 220 is too much for most people. How your body reacts to caffeine is important so it is recommended you try a little a dose as possible to start off with. It is of course possible for your body to be used to caffeine in which case a greater dose may be required. It is all subjective. There are many out there and the flavour is sometimes quite good, some not so good. It's all a matter of exploration.

With pre-workout potions you can feel the results mentally and physically, sometimes just physically alone and that could be enough. Think of it as the flint to start the explosion. For many it is enough to work and give more than we would without it. For some the caffeine won't work but it could be a placebo effect which works just as well. the art of preparation can be a motivation in itself. There are many benefits both directly and indirectly from a pre-workout potion.

There is an issue surrounding dependency on pre-workout mixtures. This is possible and for some it can be a massive turnoff. That is why pre-workout should be used on days when you are feeling lethargic or you think you need it. If you feel like pre-workouts are dominating your preparation then reign it in or embrace the pre-workout way.

Whether pre-workout mixtures are for you or not is a matter of choice and necessity. It is a solution to a problem which helps a lot. It is up to you whether you would choose that option.


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