Protein Shakes: Why, When And How

Protein shakes divide people from the beginner to the expert gym goer. There are equally good points made on both sides of the argument and for you it is simply a matter of choice which camp you belong to. TDL Fitness is officially pro-protein shakes. This article will explain why we think protein shakes are a good idea, when to take them and how to take them.

TDL Fitness would like to mention that it is not sponsored nor advertising any protein shake companies.

The reason why we recommend protein shakes is because protein is a very important part of your diet, especially if you are exercising. The shakes give people who exercise the necssary fuel so that their body has the ability to improve, to build up and to take advantage of the exercise you do. There's nothing worse than exercising to know that your body isn't keeping up. 30% of your daily calorie intake has to be in the form of protein and unless you eat a lot of fresh fish or eggs you probably won't be able to eat enough natural protein in order to get to that 30% of 2000-2500-3000 calories you need to have daily. Of course this doesn't mean you should launch yourself to the nearest shop and buy some protein powder. The main thing to understand about protein shakes is that they are artificial to the core and so do have certain health drawbacks, which can be minimized by buying protein shakes of very very good quality. This does not mean you should pay more than £50 ($70) for a 2kg tub of protein powder. Always go for the middle ground as healthy as possible. So as not to advertise any particular brand if you want to ask us what brands to get please do ask.

So you've got your protein shakes? That's great! A common question is when to take protein shakes. Firstly only really take protein shakes after a tiring workout. If you are having a rest day then you don't need to take protein shakes. If you are due to have a great workout then you can either take two shakes that day or just one. If you want to take two, have one an hour before your workout as an option and then have a protein shake 30 minutes after your workout and no less than 2 hours after your workout. If you just want one protein shake in the day then do so after your workout. Be sparing with protein shakes because protein shakes are artificial and our kidneys will need to work overtime to dilute, absorb and make safe the protein shakes. Be aware, don't binge and be sparing with protein shakes.

So now we have established why we think protein shakes are a good idea, and when to take them. Let's have a quick look at how. Protein shakes can be mixed with either water or milk. After much experience it is advised to use milk as the flavour improves drastically. There is however one major recomendation if you plan to use milk; don't go for the garden variety milk in this circumstance. TDL Fitness suggests you use lactose-free milk. so much milk taken every day with a protein shake (typically 200-400ml just in a protein shake) means the milk has to be good for you. Lactose-free milk is the best option when considering drinking milk a lot. The difference in flavour between normal milk and lactose-free milk is minute. Semi-skimmed lactose-free milk is definitely the best way to go.

There is no right or wrong answer in the terms of the fundemental choice of whether to use protein shakes or not. The science is out at the moment so make a big boy or big girl decision and either go for protein shakes or get yourself down to your local supermarket and buy a boat load of fish and eggs!


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