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TDL Fitness has helped dozens of people in the last year and hopes to help hundreds more with their health, their fitness and most importantly their happiness. In that time there have been recurring themes of questions, queries etc that get asked and people want answers to. Here are some of them and the answers.

Q: Will my fitness help my mood?

A: Yes, yes and yes again. The funny thing about fitness is that it is a very selfish thing to do. Humans are generally selfish people and that is not a bad thing; remember that the only person who really looks after you the best is yourself. Being selfish can make us happy and fitness directly targets that self-centered need. Being fit and healthy will make your mood more stable too. A more sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle makes one more prone to mood-swings. So the opposite lifestyle has the oppossite effect. Of course this doesn't happen to everyone but improving one's mood is a big plus when living a fitness lifestyle.

Q: Why can't I get motivated to go to the gym despite everything I try to motivate myself?

A: It's a half and half thing when it comes to motivating. You have to want to go and you need to know what what your doing is helpful. It's the fun/efficiency balance TDL Fitness keeps harking on about. You can find the gym fun to go to but if you feel that you aren't getting the benefit you want when you leave then motivation isn't there. It's exactly the same the other way round; you can have a great and efficient workout plan but if you don't want to do it you won't do it. You have to find a balance. Where that balance is for you is subjective and that's what TDL Fitness is here for.

Q: When should I expect results?

A: Oh yes the age-old question. Of cours this is highly dependant on what you are doing in the gym and how your diet is. Typically if you have an exercise routine that is both tough and varied, you go every time (at least 3 times a week) and your diet is nutritionally good then you can expect some sort of results in about 6 weeks. I cannot stress highly enough that this is dependant on what you are doing and if it's working. If it is, mark 6 weeks on your fitness map!

Q: Can you out-exercise a bad diet?

A: Technically no. Think of the diet as the roots of a tree. If the roots are tangled and messed up the tree won't grow very tall. If the roots are beautiful and pristene with enough sunlight and water then the tree will grow big and strong. That said, with regular exercise your body's metabolism increases, for some it increases a lot! Therefore you need more calories in your diet and you can 'get away' with more than you used to. So constant and regular exercise can make a bad diet less bad for you. Still, eat well.

Q: I both drink and smoke but I want to get fit. I can't go cold turkey on both can I?

A:You are right, never punish yourself despite the damage you do when you have both. A gradual step-down approach from where you have gotten yourself now is a good idea. Once you have managed to control your cravings for both start to alternate one with the other. Drink one day, smoke the next but never at the same time. Once you can control that then you can start taking entire days off of both. Once you have control over that then jump onto the healthy boat and sail away. That's the shortened easy version of getting off drinks and smoking but of course it's up to you how to get off them. Consult your doctor if unsure. I would suggest doing that before taking on rigorous exercise which you will do at the start of your sailing!

Q: How can I go back to the gym when I was so put off the first time?

A: Quite often first-timers are put off by something and they think that this is all there is about fitness and say it's not for them. Quite literaly in order for a new gym-goer to get hooked to fitness everything must be enjoyable for them for the first 2 months, still fun for the next 4. When you get to 6 months you will be hooked. In order to get to that you have to acknowledge that there is more to fitness than running or lifting weights. There are group classes, spin bikes, kettlebells, TRX, boot camps, and lifting weights can be made much more fun than lift for 10 then rest...yawn.... Fitness is dynamic. Also you must understand that fitness is a lifestyle not an accessory. To get into a fitness lifestyle you have to want to do it every day. Find out what makes you want to do things every day and super-impose that onto exercise. There is a way and often it's subjective. That's where TDL Fitness comes in.

There are of course lots of questions asked and there will be more FAQ articles coming up soon. Maybe there are some here that apply to you. If you want to learn more please get in touch and if you want a consultation please do come and book with us.


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