Exercise To Music; It Really Is For Everyone!

When people think of exercising to music they think Zumba or some sort of dancing class; at which point at least half of people switch off or think that it's really not for them. In this instance it really is a case of 'don't hate it before you try it'.

Whilst on the Exercise To Music course whereby the students are taught to teach a class to exercise to the music, one would think that such a class would be populated almost exclusively by dance teachers, dance enthusiasts and people with relatively few inhibitions. One would also think that flawless timing, flawless hand-eye coordination and multitasking were cornerstones of such a class. Whilst they are all important the tools by which to become a good ETM instructor are available for almost everyone. Ths means that everyone no matter who you are can defintely go to a class like this to exercise.

Ever heard of 'method in the madness'? Exercise to music really is that. It might seem odd, to some it might seem really complicated but on learning how the routines are pieced together it really is much more simple than that. Yes you will break a mental and physical sweat during one of these 30-45 minute classes but the rewards are fantastic. If your gym provides such a class do go to one whatever you are training. Why? It's fun for everyone, you can make it as difficult or as challenging as you want and if taught well and right you will learn better eye-hand coordination, you will learn rhythm and more; benefits and useful skills you can't get in such a raw way in the weights or treadmill section of the gym.

Such a class does come with the small print that inhibitions must be left at the door. This however is a lesson anyone who wants to live a fitness lifestyle has to do at some point in their journey. No one who goes to the gym all the time looks good doing it 24/7. There are many instances in which the most photogenic of people who go to the gym all the time have looked at themselves in the mirror and thought 'I have looked better than this'. Why go on thinking that you have to look amazing all the time in the gym when really the only people who do aren't really exercising enough to make a difference. Be efficient in the gym and get the best benefit out of exercise by relinquishing the need to look good and take hold of just plain exercise. How can you best do that? Go to a class in which you exercise...or even dance to the music.

There is a stigma that it's just girls that go to these sorts of classes and typicaly that is true. What more of an incentive do guys need to go to one of these classes again? And girls, there's more of your kind than there is of man-kind so you will feel alright then. And if there are several guys in there so what? Women have naturally more rhythm and white men trying to dance who aren't Channing Tatum look hilarious so it's a workout and entertainment right there. Enjoy the experience!

As a way of losing weight, teaching new skills otherwise lost to us in normal day-to-day life, meeting new and amazing people and living music as well as listening to music as well, classes like these are one of the best ways of getting what you want. It's often tough, you will sweat, it will be difficult but it will be fun. TDL Fitness has always highlighted the importance of the fun/efficicency balance in order to motivate you to go to the gym and live the fitness lifestyle. Classes in which you exercise and/or dance to the music really do tick both boxes, and for so many people around the world it is this method of exercise which will have you hooked even if you are exercising from a standing start.

Learning to teach a class where you exercise to the music has shown that once you realease inhibitions you accept that in order to get the best out of your time in the gym or the studio. From this you can go back into the gym, lift some weights to the music, run to music and dance a little during your rest times. It's that good.


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