Making A Stale Workout Fun And Efficient

Like runners who reach 'the wall' some gym goers reach 'the stale part'. This is often seen as a time when the routine seems a bit boring, not really working or your running out of ideas that affect your motivation. More developed signs are going to the gym but not actually doing your workout and just have a run or maybe just doing half of your routine.

Let's find out why this is happening.

Usually the main reason is that this workout routine is around 4-8 weeks old, it's lost its awesome-factor and your body has got used to the motions. This is the most common reason and one that everyone has to deal with. This very common issue can be very easily fixed. Just overhaul the daily or even weekly routine. You can use the routine for later on in the year maybe but for now re-schedule your entire workout. If you are doing arms on monday, do it on friday. If you do aerobic intervals on tuesday and thursday then go monday and friday. My advice is to make weekly gym workouts and log them for later so you can use them perhaps in about 3 months when your body has lost that particular workout momentum.

Another very common reason and quite encouraging reason for the staleness is that your body has gained muscle/flexibility to the point that your workout is no longer challenging. This should provide a huge incentive for you to go to the next level in your workout. You can do the above suggestion but you can also start exploring new training styles. By training styles i mean pyramid sets (12,10,8,6 reps at heavier weights), negative sets (where you pull you now push), switching isolation movements to compound movements (e.g. go from squats to clean and lifts) and so on. Make your body try different and more challenging movements with your workout routine. It's all progress in the end.

A very important and seldom thought-of reason is your choice of music. Most of us listen to music and sometimes the repeated playlists are getting rather dull but we don't blame the staleness of our workout on that. Whlst it's not the main reason there is much that affects us when the music we listen to no longer motivatesus during a workout. I have over 30 different workout playlists that I hve made and listen to in the last 4 years of going to the gym. A new playlist or an old one you haven't listened to in months could be the spark to make that stale workout a lot more fun.

A really good option for people to avoid the stale part is to try 'periodisation'. For more information read our article on it here:!Periodisation-Plan-Ahead/c1xo0/55bfe0800cf22a8725865d93

This is a really good way of keeping it fun and efficient and more planning around your fitness goals and your life essentially. If you like planning then this is for you.

A lot of the time a workout becomes stale because there's something that you are doing which could be made more efficient.

For example workout sessions that last about an hour to 2 hours are too long and will obviously make you very bored of the whole process. An amazing workout can take about 20-30 minutes only. Those workouts are tough, amazingly efficient and challenging.

Another sign is you are not working against resistance or just running. Every workout no matter what your goal needs a variety. Variety is the spice of life and life is gym so variety is the spice of the gym. Almost every gym has so many different pieces of equipment. Do you or have you used all of them? Why not give it a try! Depending on your fitness goal there are at least 3 different pieces of equipment that will help you on your way.

Why not try exercising for a bit outside? Fed up of going to a gym all the time? Try exercising outside. You might just enjoy it or if you don't then you will greatly appreciate the gym much more.

Essentially making sure your workout is working prevents staleness as well. For more information about how to know if your workout is working for you and how to make your routine work, read our article on it which can be found here:!10-Easy-Signs-Your-Workout-Is-Working/c1xo0/565606740cf299a6c526105b

A gym routine should be ever-changing and you should never get used to your workout. Always see how you can change things up every 2 weeks if you can, every 6 weeks weeks if you like continuity. A great gym routine often requires a fair bit of planning. That in itself is a motivation that is very useful to have because you can do it yourself. Self empowerment eh?

Gymers are doing it for themselves!

Be Proud!

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