What You Should Expect From Your Personal Trainer

One of the more expensive commodities in life is hiring a personal trainer which can part you with around £120 a month plus your gym membership. It's very important therefore to have a personal trainer that will actually teach you about the art of fitness tailored to you.

Personal Trainers are not all fantastic. Despite the qualification there are trainers out there that will target longevity over teaching you; they will milk more of your money than you milking them of information, help and the ability to grow yourself in the fitness lifestyle.

To know what you should get from a PT you first need to understand what you shouldn't get from your personal trainer. These are numerous. From my point of view of you feel you are victim to any of these things then I advise you to find a different PT.

If your personal trainer is just giving you exercises to do without any explanation of why then chances are they are copying and pasting exercises from client to client; that's not personal training, that's just informing you of exercises you can do on your own without having to pay for it.

Your personal trainer shouldn't focus on anything or anyone else during the entire workout. If he/she gets his/her phone out at any time and messages other people during your workout then you have to ask how personal the trainer really is. You should be the centre of attention to your PT. If you don't feel that is the case then find a new one.

A Personal Trainer session shouldn't just be in the gym. If you see your PT in the gym and all you do in your hour is exercise then actually it's not a personal training session. A PT should get personal with you at every session which means a significant portion of your workout should be a simple chat and not just exercise. If you have a PT for an hour you shouldn't train for an hour, you should have some sort of consultation.

Your personal trainer should not grate you personally. Never put-up with a personal trainer who irks you even just a bit. A good personal trainer changes his/her approach both in the gym and on a personal level. A PT should change the way he/she talks to you/tells you what to do by who you are and what you respond to. If you don't feel thats happening don't put up with it.

Your personal trainer needs to have many good qualites that help you and a personal trainer should give you so many things.

First and foremost your personal trainer should be teaching you as fast has he/she can in order for you to not need the personal trainer any more. If you like someone training with you then that's fine, but if like most people you hire a personal trainer to help you improve your fitness lifestyle your personal trainer should be doing everything possible to make you self-sufficient in the gym. Like a good driving instructor your personal trainer should be doing everything possible to prepare you for fitness without the personal trainer.

Your PT should be personal to you, and should know you as intimately as you want. They should want to know you better and dig deeper into your mind and should become your friend as well as your hired help. Whilst they shouldn't be intrusive they should be aiming to know you personally as well as physically.

Trainers should make workouts fun and efficient. They need to make you want to come to the gym. Personal trainers should be motivators as well as fitness information gurus. If you don't enjoy your training session but feel you have to keep going because of the money then do something about it. There are loads of trainers out there, and you pay for the best!

Your personal trainers are supposed to be genuine people in and out of the gym. I've known trainers who act all happy when around their clients and miserable when they are in the staff room. You can tell after a few sessions with someone. Trainers shouldn't be fake, they shouldn't seem nice, they should be good people to you. You have the agony of choice with trainers, make sure you get the right one.

Everything is subjective to you. One person's good trainer is another's bad trainer. You have to know which is which for you. Just make sure most importantly that you are learning from a personal trainer to be self-sufficient in the fitness world. The trainer should make you love fitness and want to come again and again. Your trainer should be your friend.


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