Know Your Fat

When we see the word 'Fat' you can see a vast majority of people running away from it. The scary word strikes fear into the hearts of weight-loss people. We look for the low-fat items in the supermarket to make us feel better about our diet. Are we however misunderstanding something we actually have to have daily?

Let's remember the basics; generally for men 2500 calories a day is the guideline, for women its around 1950 (reminding everyone that these are very rough based on the average. Check out how many you need based on your BMI). 50% of those calories has to be carbs, 30% has to be protein and 20% has to be fat.

20% of your calories has to be fat. That is quite a lot of fat to consume and it is necessary. 1g of fat is about 9 calories so the maths is all ready for those who like doing maths. Fat is good for balancing out our cholesterol. There is good cholesterol and you need to have it as it helps balance out the bad cholesterol. Fat helps absorb vitamin A, D and E into the body. Fat also when broken down

There is a lot of information around the internet about fat so here is a much more condensed version.

There are different types of fat, lets have a check.

Unsaturated fat is the best form of fat (oils, almonds, avacado etc). The real benefit of fat is found with these. Go for them

Saturated fat is mostly found in meat, ice cream, cheese butter etc. It is everywhere in varying degrees of the amount of fat. This is the stuff you would want to cut down on as much as possible in favour of unsaturated fat (mono-unsaturated preferably). Too much saturated fat can raise the increase of heart diseases.

Transfat is when we try to make unsaturated fat into saturated fat by adding a hydrogen molecule to it (unsaturated oils to solid foods) which is a cheap way to make food, seen in fast food joints. These should be avoided at all costs. They raise the bad cholesterol in your body and often comes hand-in-hand with a high amount of salt. Transfat is alien to the body and is the hardest thing for the body to break down and so is known as that stubborn fat. Avoid.

When to eat fat? Always after a workout, or in the morning and as little of it as possible at dinner. Fat is known to slow the absorbing of protein into the body so make sure you have fat after a workout after your protein shake. It's a great energy regenerator so I would advise to eat then.

There is more to fat than meets the eye. Remember that low-fat items are usually high in sugar. So what is better? Low-fat high sugar items or full fat items? It depends on the item but I would suggest the full-fat stuff because the alternative is worse. As explained high-sugar items often contain fructose which is an addictive substance that preys on our addiction. Transfat does the same. Saturated fat is harder to become addicted to. I would suggest full-fat items based on this.

Don't be afraid of fat. You need to have some of it in your diet. Just be aware of what fat you are having and know that fat is often the best of a bad bunch when shopping. Be aware and be smart.


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