The Power Of Vanity

In previous articles TDL Fitness has expressed the importance of not using your image/your personal opinion of your body as an indicator of progress in the short or long term. We still do express this. There is however nothing stopping you enjoying the look of yourself in the mirror.

To some reading this they may not be at that stage in their fitness lifestyle to be able to enjoy and be proud of the sight in the mirror (you will get there I know it), but use that stage you will get to as motivation.

Vanity is just that; a motivator, not an indicator. Vanity is not something that is quantifiable, you can't rate the way you look to others because that is a subjective idea. Vanity is something you should inject into your own little world as something to motivate you personally.

Think of vanity as a present you give to yourself and only yourself. Being vain is seen as a negative thing in the world and it can be if you start trying to give this gift to other people; they don't want it. No one wants second hand vanity. Keep it to yourself in order to get the best out of vanity.

When we enjoy the look of ourselves in the mirror we acknowledge that we are a version of ourselves we enjoy. There is no harm in looking at yourself in the mirror, there is no harm in taking a picture of yourself. This is something you should do if you are proud of the way you have progressed in training. The best thing about it is that looking at yourself in the mirror you can say to yourself 'I know how to improve and what to improve'. It really isn't fun to go to the gym and think 'what next?'

Vanity brings up the idea of something we need to work on next. If you look at yourself in the mirror and think that your shoulders look good but your legs could do with a bit more toning; well there you are; your mission statement. Toning legs so that means less heavy repetetive resistance training. That's what to do with your vanity; make it functional.

So already we have acknowledged that vanity is both motivational and functional. Let's look at the final element of vanity; not going backwards. Vanity is something personal, it means something to you, it shows you how far you have come from just liking the way you look to loving the way you look. Wouldn't it be terrible if you went backwards, to then look in the mirror and think; 'what's happened?' Vanity is a great tool to ward you off taking up smoking, excessive drinking or drugs because you don't want to go backwards and too much booze, food, smoking will definitely take you backwards. Don't let yourself take one step back from the progress you are on. Vanity makes you want to like how you look and to hate losing it. It is easier to maintain what you have than to lose weight, so make it easy on yourself.

It doesn't matter if you are a girl or a boy, really ripped or marginally toned, vanity can strike at any time, no matter who you are. It is a personal thing when you can finally look in the mirror and think damn, until you look at your watch and realise you have been staring at yourself for 10 minutes. Vanity strikes us at any time and used properly it can show us we are doing well and we have more to do.

Vanity is a powerful tool, it makes you want to keep going in the gym, it allows us to see where we can improve ourselves and it can show us to take not one step back. As long as you keep your vanity to yourself unless you use it to inspire others, you are doing nothing wrong, you don't piss anyone off. You are being vain as a tool to keep the fitness lifestyle up. It is a powerful tool but with great power comes great responsibility. Be responsible with your selfies. Keep it tasteful, keep it private and an option is to use it as a light for others who might be in the dark themselves.

This is an article that really does ecompass the main hashtag of TDL Fitness. Be Proud.


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