The TDL Fitness Podcast Explained

TDL Fitness has articles galore about the ins and outs of the fitness and diet world, with detailed works and informed opinions on the subject of leading a healthy lifestyle. It is always up to you to decide what articles work for you. As always many things in life are expressed opinion.

The TDL Podcast is used by TDL Fitness to provide more than one different type of opinion and as always it is up to you to decide what you think is useful for you.

The aim of the TDL Fitness podcast is to provide information by audio rather than written words for those who find that medium useful. Currently at the time of writing there are 13 episodes of the TDL Fitness podcast which come out Fridays as much as they can. They are a variety of lengths and have a theme throughout.

The TDL Fitness podcast also gives you an opportunity to get to know the author and creator Tony de Lacey better. Knowing what makes the founder tick is rather fun too.

The TDL Fitness podcast features speeches and interviews with people in the fitness industry in order to give you both information and motivation to workout and lead a healthy lifestyle. Essentially the podcast is inteded to be fun!

Feedback has been very good so far. People listen to the podcast whilst working out at the same time, in the car on a long journey and sometimes just before bed. The podcasts cover a wide variety from the practical to the mental side of exercise and healthy living.

The listeners have come from across the globe! From Chile to Russia, Australia to America the podcast has reached the 4 corners of the globe and is proud to say that.

The future of the Podcast itself is great. There are wide ranging plans for the show and to provide more and more as TDL Fitness continues to try to inform people about a subject seldom taught in schools and tries to reverse the trend of a general decline of health, dedication to fitness and health and shall try to cover more and more information with a bit of entertainment added to the mix.

The Podcast is availible on iTunes (all iphones have the Podcast app and you can't get rid of it), on the TDL Fitness website (not the mobile version of the website) and for android users we recommend going onto the facebook group 'TDL Group' where you can download the show when it is posted on facebook wall.

The Podcast needs you though to share it with your friends, family, anyone who you think could benefit from advice given as best and easiest it can because that's how to get the word out most effectively. The TDL Fitness fans, members and followers can spread the word out that there is a podcast show for everyone of all ages, genders and points of view.

Want to get involved with the show? Great! Send a message to us at where we would be glad to try to get you onto the show. If you have an opinion or a story to tell, or advice to give to a fanbase of over 12,000 then get over here and get involved. It would be splendid to hear from you. You can get involved from anywhere in the world as long as you have a phone or Skype. It's a great bit of self-advertisement as well if you want that too. Tony is waiting to interview you!

We hope you enjoy every single episode of the TDL Fitness podcast and remember if you are a TDL Fitness member you can request an episode theme/subject for us to publish. Any feedback, thoughts be it positive or negative, answers to episode competition questions then as always send us an email! Get in touch. You know how :D

See you on the show!


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