The Secret To Fitness: U.S.A.

Oh say can you lift, by the barbel-y side. What so proudly we pressed at the first set's last full rep....o'er the body that's fat free and the toned abs we crave.

What is the secret to fitness? The holy grail of life for some, this questions has no definitive answer. No one has the answer, but what we can do is find an answer that most suits us and our way of living. This is tricky as we sometimes don't know what suits us. In my opinion find out what fitness means to you then act on it.

Starting from the beggining is really difficult. Running from a standing start is a lot harder than most really understand and if you managed it you would look back and think how easy it was. But for those yet to leave the starting gate the process is much much harder.

Misconceptions of fitness are that it is a sprint, that results should happen instantly if done properly and if you believe this then you would cite example of people who transformed their bodies and their lives in a matter of several months and say why can't i do that.

Other misconceptions are that people start fitness to look good, lose weight, gain muscle. These people are the majority of those who start a fitness revolution. These people are right in their motivation, but this is a misconception of fitness.

Fitness is a lifestyle. To be fit is not to have muscle, or be skinny. Fitness is a lifestyle and having muscles or being skinny is a by-product of the lifestyle. If you are aiming to lose weight or gain muscle that should be a goal on the side. The real goal is to never stop exercising for as long as you live isn't it? If you achieved your weight goal, what then? Another weight goal? Surely the goal should be going to the gym 5 times a week? That is achievable in the short term and of course in the long term. The mentality should always be; fitness every day, goals along the way.

So how do you have this mentality, and use it from a standing start? I have come up with an acronym which is helpful, it helped me, and it's memorable. U.S.A.

U - Understand fitness. I've just outlined what fitness should be for you mentally and practically. If you understand what fitness is then you know how to start thinking about it for you. Understanding leads to part 2.

S - Start fitness. Once you understand fitness (as outlined above) then it's time to put it into practise. Ever heard of the phrase 'don't think, just do'? Use that, go practical, even if you aren't sure of it. Make a plan no matter how rough or made up. If you understand fitness then making it practical is so much easier. Start off with organising the next day in the gym, then the next week, the next month and so on.

A - Adapt fitness. Once you have the engine revved up it's time to steer the car. Once you start finding the time to exercise, exercising to the best of your abilities, it's time to play to your strengths and of course your weakensses. If you learn to adapt exercise, the practical stuff, to your workout with the knowledge of what fitness is then you can make your training effective. This will help you avoid plateaus, make exercise hard for you and will help achieve a personal workout that no one else will benefit from as best as you.

So if you are struggling to get into fitness, or if you have yet to start from your blocks just remember U.S.A. and you will be able to not only start, but to thrive, to really put the burners on and at every hurdle be it mental or practical you have the U.S.A. behind you to understand it, to start or to keep going, and to adapt.

It's a winning mentality and you can have it by thinking of the red white and blue which are the colours you can go in the gym if your workout is too tiring!

I may be British but i'm proud to say U.S.A! U.S.A!


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