The Secret Of The Un-Photoshopped Before And Afters

We have all seen those proffessional pictures on magazines and the internet that have been so touched up with photoshop that the original people barely recognize themselves. Photoshop and other programmes are widely and unashamedly used in photos that make us want to look like them...that make us want to look like someone who doesn't exist.

These photos we see plastered over the internet and general health and fitness maganzines give us a hugely distorted view of 'the ideal body you want'. They are everywhere and you can be forgiven for thinking that what you see in those photos is a realistic goal; it isn't.

As more and more people clock on finally to the knowledge that photoshopped photos are just what they are and not a realistic goal for you to achieve in your life, people find other ways of trying to decieve you into thinking that anything is possible if you listen to their advice, buy their product or subscribe etc.

The source below shows a very good infographic about the secrets behind the before and after photos you see around the internet.


To sum up the infographic, people who want to show you that they made such a transformation do a lot of pre-planning on both photos. The photo at the top of this blog post for example is from someone called Furious Pete who has made a company out of his fitness videos. You would listen to him if you thought the photo was real; but it's not.

Beforehand he ate a lot of sodium, drank a lot of soda, then chocolote milk to increase bloating, stuck out his gut and used low level lighting. For the after photo, about 2 hours later, he went to the gym, increased his vascularity, went to the tanning bed, got some oils and a bit of help from our freidnly neighbourhood photoshop man and voila!

The truth is that everyone is different, everyone is built in a way that is unique to them. This one-size-fits-all fitness simply isn't true. There are many ways of getting fit, some won't work for you and some will work so well you will stick to it and people will ask you your secret; but the secret is self-exploration, self-realisation that you are you and not anyone else.

The truth behind before and after is really something more fundemental than how you look. A before photo is one where you are sad, feeling like you are worth nothing, feeling depressed because you are lonely, lacking something or someone in your life and feeling like you do not love yourself. The after photo is you, the same you but you have realised that you don't need anything to be happy because there is nothing wrong with you, nothing lacking in your life in the first place. There's nothing bad or good about you because that is imaginary. There's nothing pretty or ugly about you because pretty or ugly don't exist in reality. If we x-rayed you we wouldn't find pretty or ugly we would just find you. The after photo is an enhanced version of you at peace, happy within yourself and about yourself.

That is the true results photo. sure it looks good to have abs, but having visible abs won't make you happy. The real after photo is the you that you want to be for the rest of your life; happy within your own skin. Why let the advertisement media distort your view of perfect and ideal when really the ideal is a happy and healthy you?

Leading a healthy lifestyle is not an essential to you being happy and getting closer to that after photo i have just described, it is a product of a person who likes themself enough to take care of their lives, their body and their health. Fitness is a result of someone at peace with themselves. If you wern't at peace with yourself you'd give up soon after.

All readers of this article are already on their own journey to that realisation. Some are further down the journey than others, not dependant on your age but on how long it has been since you first realised you are not lacking anything, there is nothing wrong with you, you don't need anything to be happy.

Get closer to that after photo by proving to yourself you are you and you are great just the way you are. You are no better or no worse than others. You are yourself, and that alone is all you need to make you happy. Once you realise that, take a photo of yourself.


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