Running To A Beat

When running outside, on a treadmill, or cycling outside or on a spin bike, or rowing on the water or in the gym (or both) one can be very put off if the music one is listening to at the same time is a t a different speed or beat than one's breathing, step or stroke rate.

As a prelude to this article I mention that the best way to breathe and keep one's heart rate in check is to breathe to a rhythm. For example when I run on a treadmill i breathe in on two steps and breathe out on two steps no matter the speed I am going. That way you can control your heart rate and is a good way to stop hyerventilating and is great to help increase one's fitness which in the end is a person's greater ability to control one's heart rate. Steady breathing even if it's fast helps keep a heart rate down and of course everyone should know the respiratory system loves consistency; so keep your breathing consistent.

One of the best ways to do that is to listen to music that compliments your breathing/step/stroke rate. If you listen to music that has major differences in beats-per-second then it can make it much more difficult for you to keep a rythmical breathing.

You don't want to be thinking about your breathing during a cardio workout as that in itself can be quite mentally tiring! So how do we make it easier on ourselves?

Running to a beat.

If you are an officianado at choosing songs with a similar beat then make sure you get a playlist going making sure that it compliments your running speed.

If you are a normal person like me then what do we do to make sure our music helps us and not hinders us.

The best way to do that from what I have found is to use Spotify Running. THIS IS NOT AN ADVERT! I'm genuinely sayng that it is really helpful for enhancing your cardio workout.

Spotify Running is a programme within the Spotify app which assesses your steps-per-minute and marries it with a song that is the same or similar beats-per-minute. There are many playlists and parts of Spotify Running so you can choose your type of beats-per-minute music.

Find it by clicking on this link:

Why use it? It helps you regulate your breathing, it helps you stay in the same speed which is very helpful when running outside so you don't need a speed gun to know if your running speed is steady. It also helps your music enhance and improve your cardio workout by thinking less about your breathing and more into mental strength which makes a huge difference when going further than your mind would naturally allow.

Maybe there are other applications and programmes out there that do a similar job, but I know Spotify Running does the job perfectly, its availible FOR FREE on the app and is so accurate to how fast you are running. It is also very easy to make the muic you are listening to faster or slower by clicking the arrows to raise or lower your steps per minute if you know how fast you are going.

When you go to the gym you need things that help you go further and do better. Technology is meant to make things easier for us and whilst that is not possible in the gym otherwise it wouldn't be a wokout, music that compliments our breathing etc is now possible with technology.

Give it a go, it's free. If you don't like it try something else. If you do, your welcome!


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