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You can make your own fitness space in your home as long as you have the space. It can be const-effective, for some it can be the key to keeping up a healthy lifestyle in an otherwise hectic work schedule. It is a great option too if you don't or can't afford the costly monthly gym memberships.

First off why make a home gym?

A home gym eradicates many excuses people sometimes make when deciding whether to train or not. Everyone has a spare half an hour to do a bit of exercise.

A home gym makes training less of a social occasion and more of a 'let's just get this done' occasion. This is good as it will increase the efficiency of your training.

A home gym is cost-effective in the long run. You could look at a home gym set up at around £600-700. Not bad if you look in the right places.

How do I make a home gym?

A home gym should have at least three elements to it. A space in order to do multiple movements, a piece of resistance kit in order to do resistance training and a sound system. That's really it.

Your fitness space should ideally be on the ground or basement floor, nicely air conditioned and if possible sound proofed, if possible.

Ideally you should have a mirror in your fitness space in order to make sure your posture when doing exercises is perfect, and hey why not adore yourself in the process?

What i reccommend for your home gym?

Powerblocks - £270 from Amazon. Your best choice when it comes to dumbells. These are adjustable so you don't need a giant storage area for your weights section. Goes up to 22.5 kg each for the first set. I'm not even sponsored by them, i just think they are that good.

A bench - £60 from Amazon. Well why not.

A gym mat - £20 from Amazin. Good quality, nice for the feet.

Surround sound system with sub woofer - £60 from Amazon. Lots of choices for you online.

1 kettlebell - £25 from Amazon. Kettlebells are fantastic for a home gym as you can do so much with them and their benefits are out of this world. Go heavy!

I have deliberately avoided big machines like a treadmill or spin bike because they are expensive for good ones and to be honest you don't need them! they would clutter your house up when what you really need is a big open space, a mirror, good music and a really tricky cardio routine which you can achieve with your own body weight to get a similar or better workout! Check out the internet or this website to find out what can help! If you really want to go for a run, go outside and run. If you want to ride a spin-bike, get a bike and ride it outside. Simples.

Who is a home gym for?

Perople who want to be cost-effective.

People who are looking to lose weight.

People who are into hypertrophy training.

People who have very busy work schedules.

People who are otherwise easily distracted or discouraged by the idea of going to a gym to exercise.

People who don't like the gym.

People who want to have home gym parties. I've been to some before, not bad! Would reccommend.

I hope this has made it very clear just what a home gym can be. This is the basics of your home gym. Of course you can add thrills and extras to it and if it works for you then why don't you? Get some fancy lights, some really good speakers, a smoke machine! Well, why not? :D

Any questions about it you know where to come to. Set up your home gym now and spend money initially, but pay very little if any afterwards. It might just change your life.


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