The 10 Minute TDL Ab Attack Routine (No Equipment Needed)

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I know a lot of workouts both that I have created and what I have found on YouTube which are great but a lot of them focus on one section of the abs, do not really go through all the different planes of motion and make you feel exhausted when you havent worked on one of the ab muscle groups. There are lots of ab muscles and you need to engage them all.

So I created a workout which uses all the different planes of movement, all the different muscle groups, NO EQUIPMENT OR BENCH IS NECESSARY and NO STOP WATCH IS NECESSARY. All you need is a mat or a piece of grassland. This really is as basic an ab workout as you can get but is so effective that I do it 3 times a week and really feel it afterwards.

But you may ask why is it a 10 minute Ab routine when you don't use a stopwatch? Good question imaginary person. I have done this routine dozens of times and I always seem to finish in around the 10 minute mark now. The 10 minute bit is you goal to finish the whole routine in, rather than a requirement. I.E. it can be done in 10 minutes, now get there!

So here is the routine. If you have any questions as to how to do the exercises please email us or have a look at

Exercise 1: Crunch with leg tucks x 12

(For this exercise bring your knees in as well as your torso and tuck ur legs in. This is your standard ab exercise. Easy to start off...)

TDL Fitness

Exercise 2: Mountain climbers x 40 (20 on each leg)

(This ab exercise is also a cardio exercise so do these mountain climbers as fas as you can. Your opportunity to get to 10 minutes will help by doing this section quickly.)

TDL Fitness

Exercise 3: Prone Straight leg pendulum x 20 (10 each side)

(Ok we are now getting to the hard bits. This is the best oblique exercise I know. Start prone with your legs up straight and arms our either side pushing down on the floor to help balanace. Swing your straight legs side to side as far as you can go then to the other side. This is the hardest bit and it's smack bang in the middle.)

TDL Fitness

Exercise 4: Alternating hand-to-elbow plank x 12

(This is also slightly cardio but is so good for core. Alternate from a hand plank to elbow plank. Alternate like a circle where you start on your hands and lead to your elbows with your right arm, then the left, then back to hands with the right arm first then the left. Do this as quickly as you can.)

TDL Fitness

Exercise 5: Straight leg raises x 12

(For this exercise make sure both legs are straight and raise both legs to about the 30 degree angle. Use the photo below to know where that is. Don't arch your back at all. If you feel it's hard not to, use your arms either side of you to push down to help keep that back straight. Really push through the pain here.)

TDL Fitness

Exercise 6: Plank Inchworms x 12

(A somewhat curious exercise but I chose this as it's great for the abs and is meant to be done quickly. Start standing up and crawl with your hands into the plank position then reverse for one repetition. This is an easy exercise compared to what you have done previously. This is meant to be your rest period but keeping you active so you can get the best out of this ab exercise.)

TDL Fitness




This means you will do all 6 exercises 3 times without resting. Exercise 6 is meant to be your rest but keeping you active so your heart rate doesn't drop.

If you feel like you are struggling slow down, but DO NOT STOP. It takes more mental effort to start up again than it does to go at a very slow pace.

Once you have completed the entire routine take a note of how long it took you. Aim to beat that time next time around!

There you have an ab routine that i think is incredible. Every time i complete this i feel so tired but happy in the knowledge that I have worked all of my ab muscles, I have strengthened them and it's been around 10 minutes. You can do this exercise anywhere you want as it requires nothing but enough space and some can-do attitude.

If there are any questions you have about any of the exercises, or have any feedback you would like to give me about this routine i created please do get in touch! It helps!

Enjoy! #BeProud

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