The Supplement Checklist

There are loads of supplements out there! So many asking for your money in exchange for their protein or diet pills, or testosterone pills and so on. There's so much out there. You only have to step in to a Holland and Barrett to discover that it's not so simple choosing which is the best for you. They all promise rapid weight loss, six pack abs, monster muscle gains.

TDL Fitness will not tell you what to go for and what not to go for but here are some of the general rules when looking through supplement products:

1. When it comes to Whey Protein you need to check the amount of protein with the scoop size. The general rule is that for good Whey Protein, the amount of protein in a scoop or two scoop serving should be at least 75% pure protein. For example, a 70g serving should have at least 50g whey protein.

2. Check what the protein powders use to achieve their flavour. The more artificial the flavouring the worse it is for you. This takes the form of Sucralose. Find natural sweeteners in whey protein, it can make all the difference. This can be in the form of Stevia.

3. Diet pills are a mine field. Very few work, most do absolutely nothing, and others have loads of side effects that actually do more harm than good. One way of checking which works is by going on which goes through so many diet pills. It highlights great ones and shows pitfalls in some well-loved pills. Just because some pills have really good ingrediants that could work, doesn't mean they are in enough quantity to be effective. Consult the internet for more help on that.

4. IT MUST BE VALUE FOR MONEY! There are some companies which charge above-average prices for their products. This can give a placebo affect to the buyer who thinks "i've spent so much money so it has to work" and can get to the point when you feel it is working where actually you are just being regimanted about your diet which could really be the healthy thing. Don't think that just because it's expensive that it works. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE RICH TO TAKE SUPPLEMENTS. there is no such thing as 'premium supplements'. It's food, deal with it.

5. Never pay full price for supplements. There are always places you can find the product you want at a marked down price whatever the label. Amazon, Monster Supplements, are some examples of places where you can get supplements from third party sellers. Don't get fleeced!

6. Cassiene is your enemy. It is the artifical form of Whey Protein. If you see it as an ingrediant, put that tub down.

7. Don't believe customer reviews if they are on the supplement store's own website. They are most likely fake. They would hardly let negative reviews pop up on their website. If you want an honest opinion, ask someone who is in the know who isn't sponsored, or follow the advice here.

8. Never stick to just one company for all your supplement wants. Some companies specialize in one sort of supplement and some in another. Always compare the market of supplements. is very good for showing what customers frequently buy in categories. Take a look there.

9. Supplement companies make more money from you if you buy their capsules and tablets. If you can stay away from capsule items, do so! They make less money from you if you buy powder items. So buy powder items more to stick it to the fat cats in the board room.

10. If a company says they have a 'patented version' of their tablets or capsules that make them more effective, work better or are absorbed better, that DOESN'T EXIST. In most countries there is a law that requires foodstuffs to be easy to digest for most people, and patented versions of capsules don't exist. Fat loss capsules have ingrediants found naturally mostly. How can they have a patent of a natural ingrediant?

11. Most people have a monthly purchase of protein powder and supplement pills. In order for you to stay financially sound and on top of your supplement intake, your monthly purchase should NOT exceed £100. That's not an arbitary figure, that's a figure based on general purchases of whey, pre-workout and BCAAs (all you really need). If you are spending more than £100 you need to re-evaluate your financial priorities in life.

12. If it works, stick to it. If it doesn't try something else. Don't think 'well i didn't take it enough, maybe it will work next month'. Be ruthless. Supplement companies love return customers; more money for them. Be in charge of your own wallet. You earnt it!

These are the rules that you should adhere to when you next go shopping for supplements. Remember, never pay full price, and if you are taking supplement pills work on the 2 month on, 1 month off cycle so your body has no chance to adjust to your pill's ingrediants.

There are companies out there designed to rip you off because if it's more expensive you will buy it thinking 'the more i pay the better it is'. There are companies that cut corners in their capsules so you will not lose too much weight you won't need to buy their products any more. Stay ahead of the game, don't be conned and remember you don't have to rely on supplements to achieve your goal. People worked hard for their dream bodies long before the advent of the supplement. Think of it as an addition rather than a requirement.

Stay frosty.

Be proud

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